The Odyssey Film Viewing Guide

What does Odysseus say is “the proudest day of my life”? He was proud because his son was born.
To what city do Odysseus’ ships sail so that the men may fight an opposing army? Odysseus travels to Troy for the war.
What does Odysseus tell Penelope she must do if he has not returned before their son has a beard on his face? Penelope must re-marry if Odysseus hasn’t returned.
On the ship, what does the goddess Athena tell Odysseus he is to do? Athena tells Odysseus he must battle & defeat the Trojans.
Who is the “defenter of Troy”; its greatest warrior? Hector was Troy’s greatest warrier.
Finish the words of the soothsayer: “Beware the __________ and their ____________.” “Beware the Greeks and their Gifts” the soothsayer says.
What do Odysseus and his men build that finally allows them to enter the gates of the opposing army? Odysseus and his men build the Trojan Horse to enter Troy.
How many years have they fought the war? They fought the war for 10 (ten) years.
What does Poseidon say Odysseus will do as a result of Odysseus’ pride and arrogance? Poseidon says Odysseus will suffer for his actions and never see the shores of Ithaca again.
When the cyclops asks for his name, what does Odysseus answer? Why doesn’t he give his real name? Odysseus tell the cyclops his name is Nohbody to trick him.
How do Odysseus and his men escape the cyclops’ cave? They escape the cyclops by crawling out under the sheep skin.
Who speaks to Odysseus at the waterfall where Odysseus collects water? Aeolus speaks to Odysseus at the waterfall.
Why does he want to help Odysseus? Aeolus helps Odysseus because he thinks Posiedon is arrogant and odysseus is the first mortal to use his mind
On the island of the goddess Circe, one of O’s men is turned into a ________________. One of Odysseus’ men is turned into a paid at Circe.
How does O’s mother die? Odysseus’ mother dies by drowning herself.
Why have the nobelmen come to see Penelope? The Noblemen came to see Penelope so that they could marry her.
What person from his past does O see in the Underworld? Odysseus sees his mother in the Underworld.
Why do Calypso’s maids giggle when the see O? Calypso’s maids giggle when the see Odysseus because his is the first man they hace ever seen.
Athena: “The gods must _____________ for man what man ______________ for himself.” Athena: “The gods must not do for man what man must do for himself.”
Where does Athena tell Telemachus to sail to in search of his father? Athena tells Telemachus to sail to Sparta in search of his father.
How does Penelope keep O’s shroud in an unfinished state? Since Penelope unstitched O’s shroud and its still on a loom, it remains in an unfinished state. She takes it apart daily.
What are the Suitor’s plans for Telemachus? The suitors’ plans for Telemachus are to kill him.
How is the woman servant able to identify O? The women servant is able to identify O by the scar on his leg.
What task does Penelope tell the suitors that they must perform to win her hand in marriage? Penelope tells the suitors that they must string O’s bow and shoot an arrow cleanly through all all the axes to win her hand in marriage.
According to O, what was the suitors’ crime? According to O, the suitors’ crime was that they were trying to steal his world.

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