The Odyssey Crossword Puzzle

Odysseus’ home Ithaca
Phaecian king Alcinous
The only god who did not pity Odysseus Poseidon
Cyclops that Odysseus blinded Polyphemus
Messenger of gods Hermes
Known as “giant killer” Hermes
flowery fruit; made men forget their homes Lotus
father of Odysseus Laertes
Prominent suitor who is the arch enemy of Telemachus Eurymachus
Imprisoned Odysseus’s men in a pigsty before becoming his lover Circe
Young daughter of Alcinous who is tall and beautiful as a goddess Nausicaa
Sucked down salt water exposing her interior vortex Charybdis
Odysseus had to be tied down for their song Sirens
The guy who’s cattle were consumed by Odysseus’ crew Hyperion
Giants who pelted rocks down on to the ships of Odysseus’ expedition Laestrygonians
Person who claimed responsibility for the Cyclops’ suffering Nobody
Where Odysseus journey home began Troy
Nymph, envied by the gods for living with a mortal, who delays Odysseus for seven years Calypso
kind animal cared for by Eumaeus pig
herb with black roots and a white blossom given to Odysseus by Hermes moly
goddess who protects and helps Odysseus Athene
creature with a dreadful bark, twelve feel, six scrawny necks and triple rows of fangs Scylla
ffather of Zeus Cronos
king of Pylos Nestor
visited by Telemachus Nestor
Gerenian Charioteer Nestor
wife of Odysseus Penelope
husband of Helen Menelaus
host of Telemachus Menelaus
blind Theban prophet whom Odysseus sought advice in Hades Teiresias
Gave Odysseus a leather bag containing the boisterous energies of the wind Aiolos
beautiful wife of Menelaus Helen
relationship of Telemachus to Odysseus son
god who is cuckolded by his wife Aphrodite and Ares Hephaestus
the people who were raided during Odysseus’ first stop on his return from war Cicones

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