The Odyssey Crossword

What Penelope was weaving shroud
The suitors wanted to be Penelope’s husband
Zeus destroyed the ship with it thunderbolt
Odysseus’s Roman name ulysses
She rescued Odysseus on the beach at Phaeacia naussica
The old bard demodocus
The housekeeper eurycleia
The sorceress circe
Odysseus’s enemy poseidon
Their songs lured men to their death sirens
Odysseus’s son telemachus
Faithful dog argus
Odysseus’s wife penelope
Lord of the winds aeolus
Odysseus’s bed was made from it (two words) olive tree
The whirlpool charybdis
Magical green twig moly
Musical instrument that the minstrel played lyre
King of Phaeacia alchinous
What the men killed on the Island of the Sun cattle
Six-headed monster scylla
Loyal ox-herd who helped in the fight philoitios
The swineherd eumaeus
What Circe turned the men into pigs
One-eyed monster cyclops
goddess who was found of Odyssesus athena
Bully suitor antinous
Odysseus’s home ithica
Beautiful sea nymph; Odysseus stayed with her for seven years calypso
The Big Bear constellation callisto

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