The Odyssey Characters: Antinous and Eurymachus

who is Antinous? one of Penelope’s suitors
how is Antinous described? main trouble maker and most arrogant of the suitors
who does Antinous want to kill? Tellemachus
does the reader ever have sympathy for Antinous? no
who is Antinous killed by? Odysseus; he is the first suitor to be killed
who is Eurymachus? one of Penelope’s suitors
how is Eurymachus described? manipulative and deceitful
who does Eurymachus want to kill? Telemachus
what does Eurymachus do to Odysseus while he is still disguised as a beggar? throws a stool at him
what does Eurymachus do after Antinous is killed? tries to convince Odysseus that Antinous was the only bad suitor
who/how is Eurymachus killed? Odysseus kills him with an arrow

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