The Odyssey Ch. 6-12

ch. 6what does nausicaa mean by “home'” palace/castle
who are the paheacaians kind but predigous
who is nausicca alcinous and aretes daughter
what goddess helps Odysseus Athena
How does Nausicaa help Odysseus she invites him to go back to her palace
ch. 7who is the queen? Arete
who is Alcinous? king
ch. 8who is Achilles? famous warrior of Trojan War who made a deal that he would die in war IF he was famous.
What does it mean by “Odysseus cried into his mantle”? cries to himself
ch. 9what is Ismarus? city of cicones
what are cicones? tribe of people
what is the “land” of the Lotus-eaters? they eat Lofus, a juicy fruit that makes you want to “stay”
what was the name of the Cyclops that Odysseus and men ran into? polythemus
what does the Cyclops first do to odysseus’ men? he was kind to them
how does Odysseus and his men escape the cyclops get them drunk, then stabbed them
ch. 10who is aeolus son of hypotomus
what happens to Odysseus on the island of Aeolus? bag of wind
what is Laestrygonians? giant canabols (tribe)
what happened to Odysseus on the island of Laestrygonians? they got eaten
who is Circe? witch goddess
what happened to Odysseus’ men on the island of Circle? drugs them then turns them into pigs
what is the “land of death”? a place where the souls are judged before going to the underworld
who is Tiresias? profit
ch. 11what is the “oceans stream”? everyones journey down the Ocean Stream before death
what are the “Shades” ghosts
what does Tiresias tell Odysseus? how to get home to Ithica.
ch. 12who are the sirens? beautiful but dangerous creatures
what is Charybdis? world pool
what is Scylla? monster that guards
what happens to Odysseus’ men? they all die
Where does Odysseus end up? cylypso

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