The Odyssey Books 5-8 Comprehension Check (Quiz 1/30/18)

What “galled” Athena? Athena made them a speech about Odysseus and his troubles, for she was concerned that he still remained in captivity. She mentions how Odysseus ruled like a kind father and his current state on Ogygia with Calypso. She also mentions the suitors planning to murder his son when he returns.
How does Calypso defend herself? She describes how the gods are allowed to have mortal brides, but how most women are not allowed to have mortal husbands. She states that she saved Odysseus from the sea that killed his crew and would have killed him.
Discuss the oath that Odysseus makes Calypso swear. “And I should not care to embark on a raft without your goodwill: not unless you could bring yourself to swear a solemn oath that you will not work some secret mischief against me.” (Pg. 66)
How did Odysseus know where to steer his raft? Calypso had warned him to keep the Bear constellation on his left hand as he sailed the sea.
How was Odysseus able to make it so far across the sea without being bothered by Poseidon? Poseidon was previously with the Ethiopians where he was feasting and enjoying himself mightily from their fine sacrifices. He was on his way back when he saw Odysseus from the Solyman Hills.
To what is Odysseus compared when he is clinging to the rocks? As the backwash pulled Odysseus form the rock, he is compared to a squid being drawn from his rock as there are lots of little stones sticking to its suckers; that is what Odysseus’ strong hands looked like, with rags of skin and flesh, and bits of rock along the fingers.
Who gave Odysseus the quickest release from pain and fatigue, and how did she do it? Athena shed sleep upon his eyes, and closed the two eyelids, that he might quickly rest from his weariness after sore tribulation.
How was Athena able to talk to Nausicaa? Athena entered the chamber that Nausicaa lay sleeping and stooping over her head spoke to her; she had made herself look like the daughter of the famous seaman Dymas, a girl of her own age and her particular friend. In this shape Athena spoke (but to Nausicaa it was a dream).
To whom are Nausicaa and her attendants compared? Nausicaa is compared to Artemis and her maids are compared to her nymphs.
What woke Odysseus? Athena decided that Odysseus should awake and see Nausicaa, and let her take him to the city. So then, the princess threw the ball to one of the maids; the ball missed the maid, and fell in the eddies, and she all shouted at that. The noise wakened Odysseus.
To what is Odysseus compared as he emerges from the bushes? He strode along like a lion of the mountains, proud of his power, who goes on through wind and rain with eyes blazing, as he pounces on cattle and sheep, or chases the wild deer…
To what is Athena’s makeover of Odysseus compared? As when a plating of gold is laid over silver by some clever craftsman, who has learnt all the secrets of his art from Hephaistos and Athena.
Explain why Nausicaa wants Odysseus to wait outside the city. Nausicaa was concerned that the people would think that Odysseus was to be her husband even though there are already good men of her own city wanting to marry her.
Why did Athena not meet Odysseus face to face? She stood in awe of Poseidon, and he was furiously anger with the hero Odysseus until he reached his own land. (it was out of respect)
Tell what Athena did to Odysseus as he started out for the city. A thick mist hid him from sight, for Athena did not wish any one to meet him and provoke him, or ask him who he was.
Who was the young girl carrying the pitcher? What is her significance? Athena, and she led Odysseus to where the king’s mansion was. She described the ancestry of the king and his wife, Arete, and warned him not to make any contact with the citizens for they do not like strangers.
At what craft are the women of Phaeacia skilled? Their women surpass in making cloth; for Athena has granted them excellent knowledge of fine work and good intelligence.
What does Odysseus ask of Arete? He asks her to send him home to his native land without delay, for he had long suffered tribulation far from his friends.
To whom does Odysseus compare himself? He says to Alcinoos that he is most like those men that Alcinoos knows most ridden with affliction.
How is Odysseus able to forget his troubles? He says that his belly commands him to eat and drink, and makes him forget all that he has suffered, and bids him to fill it up.
In what way does Alcinous say Nausicaa was out of line? He says that Nausicaa did not show good sense at all when she did not bring Odysseus straight to the mansion with the waiting-maids.
Describe Pallas Athena’s disguise as she went throughout the city. Athena took the form of the King’s herald, and went up and down in the city to arrange for the convoy of Odysseus.
Why did Athena pour a “shimmering grace” on Odysseus? Great dignity was about his head and shoulders, and he looked taller and stronger than before; this was the grace of Athena, who wished that all beholders might fear and respect him, and that he might be ready to do the many feats which the Phaiacians tried him with.
Who is the godlike singer of tale? Demodocus was the Muse’s darling, but she had given him evil mixed with good: she took away the sight of his eyes, but she gave him the lovely gift of song.
How well did Odysseus fare against the Phaeacian athletes? The stone Odysseus threw, flew over all the marks of the others, and the man marking the throws (Athena) called out that no one else would beat it.
How did Odysseus seal the gift chest? Odysseus fastened it up with an intricate knot which Circe had taught him.
What did Odysseus ask Demodocus to sing about? Odysseus asked him to sing the contrivance of the Wooden Horse; how Epeios made it with the help of Athena, and full of the men who sacked Ilion.
How is… a simile? (We didn’t use this question completely.) What is Odysseus compared to when he weeps? “So sang the famous minstrel. Odysseus was melted and tears ran over his cheeks. He wept as a woman weeps with her arms about a beloved husband, who has fallen in front of his people, fighting to keep the day of ruin form city and children…” (Pg. 103)

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