The Odyssey Book 6-8

Allcinoos Who is the king of Scheria? (The people are called Paeacians.)
Nausicaa Who is the king’s daughter?
To go to the river to wash her clothes to look more attractive. What does Athena tell Nausicaa to do?
Girls with Nausicaa were shouting Why does Odysseus wake up?
He is naked and the girls run away except for Nauiscaa Why is he embarrassed?
Athena givers her courage All the girls are frightened by Odysseus except Nausicaa? Why isn’t she afraid of him?
To leave so that he can bathe alone What does Odysseus ask of Nausicaa?
rub in oil What customs do the ancient Greeks follow after bathing?
Athena makes him look handsome What does Athena do to Odysseus after he has bathed?
Their ships. For what are the Phaeacians best known?
Afraid of causing a scene with a random stranger. Why does Nausicaa tell Odysseus they should not enter the city together?
The queen Arete Who does Nausicaa say Odysseus should greet first when he enters the house of Alcinous?
Athena accompanies him What does Athena do to Odysseys to keep any Phaeacians from bothering him as he makes his way to the palace?
The little girl who is Athena Who gives Odysseus directions to the palace? Disguised as what?
King Alkinoos and Queen Arete Whose interest must Odysseus secure to ensure his return to Ithaca?
making shops and how fast they are For what skill are the Phaeacian men known?
Drops to his knees and begs to go on a ship back to Ithaca. What does Odysseus do as soon as he reaches King Alcinous and Queen Arete?
He is wearing the clothes that the queen gave to Nausicaa What makes Arete suspicious of Odysseus?
Because she did not accompany him to the palace. After hearing Odysseus’ story about his journey from Ogygia, whys is King Alcinous upset with Nausicaa?
There will be no strain and he will see that Phaeacian ships are the best, also the trip will be quick. How does Alcinous describe Odysseus’ trip home?
a fear of foreigners or strangers. Define “xenophobia.”
Athene takes on the disguise of the town crier and goes around the city shouting the news of the stranger’s coming and the upcoming feast. What is Athena doing when the book opens?
instills in him a desire to prove himself worthy of any challenge.. What does Athena do to help Odysseus when he appears before the parliament?
provides a ship to Odysseus so he can return home. What instructions does Alcinous give the parliament?
-demodocus because it was believed that Homer was blind also. In the epic, Homer is represented. Who is Homer supposed to be?
-He cries because of the song he sang about Achilles and himself at Troy. How does Odysseus react to this man?
-They play a variety of games. What do the people do after they have eaten?
-boxing,wrestling,racing, and throwing of the dicus Name the main events.
-They insult Odysseus when it is his turn to perform What do Laodamas and Broadsea do?
He declines What is Odysseus’ initial response?
-wins the dicuss toss and challenges the Phaecian athletes to any other form of competition they choose. Then what does Odysseus actually do?
-song and dance At what does Alcinous say his people excel?
-Aphrodite is having an affair with Ares Why does Hephaestus punish Ares and Aphrodite?
– Shamed them in front of the gods by trapping them in a net What is there punishment?
-sword,fresh cloak,shirt,and bar of quote What gifts are the princes to give Odysseus?
The Trojan Horse hat story does Odysseus ask Demodocus to sing?
-He starts crying What is Odysseus’ response?
-who Odysseus is,where he is from, and where he is going. What does Alcinous ask Odysseus?
-they steer themselves, they have no steering or steersmen What is so special about the Phaeacian ships?
-That Poseidon will crush a well built ship that was sailing home. What is the prophecy that Alcinous tells to Odysseus?

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