The Odyssey: Book 6

Who discovers Odysseus on the shore? Princess Nausikaa, daughter of Alcinous(ruler of Skheria)
Why was this person near the river? Athena came to Nausikaa in a dream and scolded her for having dirty clothes, and said no one would want to marry a girl with dirty clothes all around. The next morning Nausikaa and her maids went to the river to wash her clothes and the clothes of her brothers.
What does Odysseus’ discoverer do for him? She gives him food and oils to bathe with in the river. She gives him clothes and tells him how to talk to her parents.
Why doesn’t this discoverer bring him to the palace in person? Nausikaa is of age to marry and by appearing in town with an unknown man she does not want to cause gossip or resent among possible suitors, Phaiakians who are suitable.

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