THE ODYSSEY, Book 5, Homeric Similes

“A man surf-casting on a point of rock / for bass or mackerel, whipping his long rod / to drop the singer and the beat far out, / will hook of fish and rip it from the surface / to dangle wriggling through the air: so these /were borne aloft in spasms toward the cliff.” Scylla whisking Odysseus’s men from the ship whisking Odysseus’s men from the ship.
“… all the sea was like a cauldron / seething over intense fire, When the mixture / suddenly heaves and rises.” Charybdis creating a maelstrom by vomiting
“. . . it was like a mast / a lugger of twenty oars, broad in the beam— / a deep-seagoing craft— might carry . . .” The stake that was used to blind the Cyclops
” . . . he clutched at my companions / and caught two in his hands like squirming puppies / to beat their brains out, spattering the floor.” The Cyclops killing Odysseus’s men
“so came out rustling, like a mountain lion, / rain-drenched, wind-buffeted, but in his might at ease, / with burning eyes — who prowls among the herds . . .” Odysseus revealing himself to the girls doing the wash

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