the Odyssey book 1 questions

what were 3 details used to describe Odysseus unlucky wise crafty
is Odysseus able to bring his men back safely after the trojan war no
what happens to his men and why does this happen his men die because they ate the sun gods cattle
where is Odysseus when the epic opens ogygia
which of the gods does not empathize with odysseus Poseidon
who pleads to zeus for the safe return of Odysseus athena
why does poseidon not favor Odysseus he blinded his son
what do the goes in the council decide concerning the fate of odysseus the council decides he should be realesed
who is sent to the island of ogygia to tell calypso the decision hermes
where is athena going and why to the island to rile muscus
how does she disguise herself mentes
what is the situation back at home of odysseus suitors are trying to get his wife
what does “mentes” tell Telemachus regarding the fate of odysseus he should find his dad
what are athena instructions to tell Telemachus regarding the fate of odysseus you need to go to pilus then Sparta
who is the faithful old servant at the home of odysseus uriclea
what is odysseus’ father’s name luerteus
what is the name of odysseus’ wife penelope
what is a suitor a bachleor
who are the two suitors that speak out against telemachus antinous, eurymachus

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