The Odyssey

What happens in the land of the Lotus-Eaters? (1) Men become addicted to the lotus-fruit
How does Odysseus make his men return to the ship at the land of the Lotus-Eaters? (1) By force
On which island do they land after the land of the Lotus-Eaters? (1) Land of the Cyclopes
What happens when Polyphemus appears? (1) Eats 2 of the men
Why can’t they kill Polyphemus in order to save their lives? (1) Can’t move the boulder
Describe Odysseus’ plan for escape at the Land of the Cyclopes. (4) 1) Gave Polyphemus wine2) Told Polyphemus his name was No-Man3) Stabbed Polyphemus in the eye4) Escape under the rams
How do they finally leave the Land of the Cyclopes? (1) Under the rams
Why does Odysseus taunt Polyphemus before he leaves the Land of the Cyclopes? (1) He is arrogant.
How does the crew of Odysseus react to his taunts before leaving the Land of the Cyclopes? (1) Cut it out/being foolish
What does Polyphemus do after Odysseus taunts him and how does it affect Odysseus? (2) 1) Prays to Poseidon2) Starts Odysseus’ prophecy (return home after 10 years to turmoil in Ithaca)
What did Aeolus give Odysseus? (1) A bag containing all the storm winds
Why did the crew open the bag of winds? (1) They thought it was silver and gold.
What happens when the crew opens the bag of winds? (1) The winds blow the ship back out to sea to Aeolus’ island.
Why doesn’t Aeolus help Odysseus after he returns back to his island? (1) Cursed by the Gods
What happens when the crew meets the Laestrygonians? (1) Speared and eaten
Who survives the Laestrygonian attack? (1) Odysseus and his crew (1 out of 11 ships)
What happens to Eurylochus’ men when they go to Circe’s house? (1) Turned into animals
Why are the animals at Circe’s house friendly? (1) They are human.
Why doesn’t Odysseus fall under Circe’s spell? (1) Hermes gives him an herb to resist the change.
Where does Circe tell Odysseus to go once he leaves her house? (1) To Hades to talk with Taresius
Who does Odysseus see in Hades? (1) His mother
What does Teiresias tell Odysseus he must do? (1) Don’t harm Helios’ sheep and cattle
If Odysseus can follow Teiresias’ advice, what will happen? (2) 1) He will return home safely.2) The curse will be erased.
What will happen if Odysseus doesn’t follow Teiresias’ advice? (2) 1) His companions and ship will be destroyed.2) The curse will happen (He will return home alone in 20 years to turmoil in Ithaca.).
How was Agamemnon killed? (1) Stabbed by Clytemnestra and her new husband
What is Agamemnon’s advice to Odysseus? (1) To return in secret and be cautious upon arrival
Achilles wants information from Odysseus about which family members? (2) 1) His father (Peleus)2) His son (Neoptolemus)
Why does Ajax refuse to talk to Odysseus in Hades? (1) He’s still mad about losing the fight for Achilles’ armor.
Describe Tantalus and his punishment. (1) Condemned to an eternity of agonizing hunger and thirst
Descried Sisyphus and his punishment. (1) Condemned to an eternity of pushing and enormous boulder up a hill
Odysseus doesn’t want to see who in Hades? (1) Medusa
What does Circe tell Odysseus he must do in order to survive the sirens? (2) 1) Put wax in his crew’s ears2) Tie himself to the mast of the ship
Describe Scylla. (4) 1) 12 legs2) 6 heads3) 3 rows of teeth4) Long neck
Describe Charybdis. (3) 1) Possibly a tide2) Possibly a whirlpool3) Swallows water and spits it back out 3 times a day
Why doesn’t Odysseus tell his crew about Scylla? (1) He thought they would be too scared to continue.
Why doesn’t Odysseus want to stop on Helios’ island? (1) Doesn’t trust crew
Why does Odysseus agree to stop on Helios’ island? (1) He gives in because his crew is complaining.
Why do the men try to eat Helios’ cattle? (1) They don’t want to starve.
What happens while the cattle are roasted? (2) 1) They moo.2) The hides crawl.
What does Helios threaten to do if the Gods don’t punish Odysseus’ crew? (1) Bring the sun to Hades
What happens to Odysseus and his crew after the crew eats Helios’ cattle? (1) 1) Zeus sends a storm that puts them back at Charybdis.2) All of the crew gets lost at sea except for Odysseus
How does Odysseus finally return home? (1) Phaeacian ship
What happens to the Phaeacians because they helped Odysseus? (2) 1) Become landlocked2) Get lost at sea due to a storm sent by Poseidon
Why doesn’t Odysseus recognize Ithaca? (1) Shrouded in a mist?
Where does Odysseus tell Athena he is from originally? (1) Crete
Why does Odysseus dress as a beggar? (1) Doesn’t want to be recognized
How do Telemachus and Odysseus react to seeing one another? (1) Cry
What do Telemachus and Odysseus plan to do? (1) Kill the suitors
Who is Argos? (1) Odysseus’ dog
Why does Odysseus cry when he sees Argos? (1) He can’t acknowledge him without revealing his identity.
What happens to Argos? (1) He dies.
Who is Antinous? (1) Leader of the suitors
What happens when Odysseus fights the other beggar? (1) He knocks him out.
What does Penelope do to try to prevent marriage to one of the suites? (1) 1) Weaves a shroud2) Unravels the shroud at night
Why does the nurse recognize Odysseus? (1) By the scar on his knee
Why does the nurse agree to keep Odysseus’ secret? (1) She loves him.
Describe the competition to win Penelope’s hand in marriage. (2) 1) String Odysseus’ bow2) Shoot an arrow through 12 axe handles
Who is Theoclymenus? (1) Prophet
What does Theoclymenus tell the suitors? (1) He sees darkness and evil approaching.
How do the suitors respond to Theoclymenus’ message? (1) He is insane.
How do the suitors react when Odysseus asks to try to string the bow? (1) He didn’t deserve it.
What is Penelope’s reaction when Odysseus asks to try to string the bow? (2) 1) Let him try.2) If he succeeds, she will give him clothes, weapons, and food.
How does Odysseus feel about having to slay the suitors? (1) He had to do it.
Describe Penelope’s test for Odysseus. (1) Move the bed (made out of a tree, couldn’t be moved, but only she and Odysseus knew)
Why are some of the men of Ithaca angry at Odysseus? (2) 1) He came home alone.2) He killed all the suitors.
Why does Odysseus decide not to fight the people of Ithaca? (1) Athena promises everlasting peace and retaining the role of King of Ithaca.
What happens because Odysseus decides to follow Athena’s advice? (1) There is everlasting peace in Ithaca.

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