The Odyssey

Who is speaking in this opening scene? Homer
What is a muse? The daughters of Zeus
What happened in Troy? They were defeated by the Greeks
Where is Odysseus, the “contender,” trying to go? Home
Which god is plotting against Odysseus? Poseidon
How long did the Trojan War last? 10 years
How many years has Odysseus spent trying to return home? Almost 10 years
Who has supported and helped him in his journey? Athena
Who is narrating this story? Homer
Who is Hermes and what is his mission? Messenger, brings a message from Mount Olympus telling Calypso to free Odysseus.
To what is Hermes’ flight compared? A seagull
Of whom is Calypso seemingly jealous? Penelope
How does Calypso assist Odysseus on his journey home? She builds him a raft for food
What does Calypso offer to Odysseus is he stays with her? Calypso tells Penelope that she’s not as beautiful as her.
Where is Odysseus at the beginning of this selection? At the kings fest
What tragedy strikes Odysseus at sea? Zeus causes a storm that caused his men to drift for nine days
Where did Odysseus first go off course after leaving Troy? Odysseus first went off course when the men had cared him of course
How is Odysseus received on the island of Scheria, home of King Alcinous? They welcomed him & treated his kindly
Describe Ithaca. Rocky island & under the leaves of mount Neion in the north west.
How were his men responsible for their own defeat at the hands of the Cicones? Got drunk and had a party while the fugitives got away and went to go get help
What happened to Odysseus as he rounded Malea? A wind droved him pass a cythera and drifted for 9 days
What caused Odysseus and his men to seek shelter? Their was a storm and they needed water
what danger did Odysseus and his men encounter when they landed on the Lotus Eater’s island? They weren’t sure if it was safe because they weren’t sure who had lived their
What did these people eat? Lotus plant
What happened to the men who ate this “honeyed plant”? They lost their desire to go home
How does Odysseus get his men back to the ship from the land of the lotus eaters? He drives him back and ties him back the whole time their running away
Why do you think that Odysseus and his men burn an offering for the gods? For peace
Describe the cyclops Polyphemos. One eyed sheppard
How does Homer help the reader sense the strength of the Cyclops? The description of that rock and how many man it would take to move it
What was the cyclops response when Odysseus told him of their ship wreck? He ate two men
What plan did Odysseus contrive to divert Polyphemos? He would give him wine and make him drunk so that he could STAB him in the eye
Why does Odysseus decide not to try to kill the Cyclops? They’d be trap in the cave
What does Odysseus tell the Cyclops that his name is? What is ironic about the use of this name by Odysseus? Nbdyh & because the Cyclops would truly kill nbdyh
After blinding the Cyclops, how do Odysseus and his men escape the cave? The bellies of the rams
How does Polyphemos hope to avenge his injury from Odysseus? Gonna ask his father to keep Odysseus from going to his home
What mistake does Odysseus make in mocking the blind Cyclops? Tells him his name
What curse does the Cyclops place on Odysseus? All of his companions would die and would have trouble getting to Attica
What assistance does King Aeolus give Odysseus and why isn’t it successful? Gives him a bag and he’s taken all of the wind so that he could go home. & they open the bag than it blows them back to were they started
On Circe’s island, to what does Odysseus compare the wild beasts? Dogs
Why are men drawn to Circe? She’s a witch. & she sings and it kind of seduces them and she can cast spells on men.
Who is Eurylochus? How is he important to this section? Odysseus man & he is the one who tells Odysseus what has happened to his man
Into what did Circe begin turning Odysseus’ crew? Pigs
Why did Circe’s plan fail on Odysseus? Hermes gave them a magic plant
What happens to Odysseus and his men after Odysseus resists Circe’s sorcery? They stay their for awhile than she turns them back into humans.
What does Circe tell Odysseus he must do? She tells them that she has to go to the land of the dead and find Teiresias
Who is Teiresias? Why does Odysseus go to visit him? Where must he find him? Blind profit from Thebes
To whom is Odysseus referring when he uses the term “Sovereign Death”? Referring to Hades
Apart from Teiresias, who else does Odysseus see in the Land of the Dead? His mother
What advice does Teiresias give Odysseus regarding the island of Thrinakia? Do not harm the cattle of Helios.
If Odysseus doesn’t follow Teiresias’ advice at Thrinakia, what does the spirit foretell? Because ships would be destroyed and his crew would be killed.
What advice does Circe give Odysseus when he return from the underworld? Warns him bout the sirens and that the man should put beeswax in their ears. (ear plugs)

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