The Odyssey

epic a long narrative poem about important events in the history or folklore of a nation or culture
epic hero larger-than-life central character in a epic
flashback a scene that interrupts the sequence of events in a narrative to relate earlier events
What quality does Odysseus display? arrogance, self-centered
What was the attitude of Odysseus’ men? rebellious
What was the outcome of the battle between the Cicones and Odysseus’ men? Odysseus loses a lot of men
What does the episode reveal about the character of Odysseus’ crew? foolish, disobedient
Who was responsible for the terrible storm? Zeus
In this metaphor, dawn is compared to what? women’s curls
What happened when the men ate the lotus plants? They want to stay where they are and want to continue eating lotus plants. Also, they forget about their home.
What did Odysseus do about his men eating lotus plants? tied them to the rowing benches
What is the organization on the Cyclopes’ community? no organization, every man for himself
What does criticism of this lifestyle reveal about the kind of society valued by the Greeks? laws, rules, structure- organized society
Who and what did Odysseus take with him? 12 best fighters, liquor, and food
From the items in the cave, what can be concluded about the Cyclop’s major activity? he raises lambs, milks them, and makes cheese
Why doesn’t Odysseus heed his men’s warning and leave? curiousity
What is the signifcance of the Cyclop’s rolling a rock to close the cave? Odysseus’ men are trapped
What does Odysseus’ statement (during the Cyclops part) reveal about ancient Greek culture? very kind, had hospitality- if not treated well a god would punish you
Why does the Cyclops want to know where the ship is? destroy it and kill any sailors on board
What did the Cyclops do to 2 of Odysseus’ men? beats the brains, dismembers them, and eats them
Why did Odysseus change his mind about killing the Cyclops with his sword? they won’t be able to get out the cave
What was Odysseus’ plan to do about the Cyclops? stab the Cyclops in the eye with a spike
How did Odysseus plan to get the Cyclops to fall asleep? give him the liquor
Why is Odysseus’ choice of the name “Nobody” clever? the Cyclops can’t identify Odysseus
What image does Homer use to allow readers to picture what happens to the Cyclops? cold water hitting hot metal
What plan did Odysseus devise to escape the cave of the Cyclops? ties 3 sheep together and one man under the middle sheep
Why does Odysseus call out to the Cyclops? What is the result? to brag; the Cyclops throws the hilltop and the wave pushes the ship back to shore
What does the crew beg of Odysseus? leave the Cyclops alone
What foolish mistake does Odysseus make? he said his real name
Who is Laertes? Odysseus’ father
To whom does Polyphemus call upon and what does he request? Poseidon- his father – mindless wander- not return home – lose companions
How did Odysseus feel at the pit where the dead gathered? afraid
Who is Elpenor? one of Odysseus’ crew members- fell off a roof and broke his neck- he was never buried
How does Odysseus show his human side to Elpenor? he starts crying
What is Elpenor’s request to Odysseus? get a proper burial
What does Elpenor’s request show about Greek vaules and beliefs? a soul couldn’t find peace until a body had proper burial
Who is the second spirit that approached Odysseus? How did Odysseus react upon seeing them? Antidea- his mother; he grieves
What does the blind prophet Tiresias predict for Odysseus? Poseidon is going to punish him and he will have a lot of difficulties- don’t let your men eat the sun god’s cattle- he will return home alone and will kill them
What does Tiresias predict for the end of Odysseus’ life? he is going to die old at sea
What is Circe’s advice to Odysseus about the Sirens? avoid the Sirens and their song
When Odysseus ignores this advice, what quality does he display? curiousity
What plan does Odysseus devise to help his men avoid the Sirens’ song? puts bees wax on their ears
What quality of an epic hero does Odysseus display in those lines about the Scylla and Charybdis? bravery and leadership
What was Scylla? a sea monster
What was Charybdis? a whirl pool
How does Odysseus show his human side? deathly pity
What warning does Odysseus give his men about the sun god? don’t eat the Sun God’s cattle or we will pay dearly
When Odysseus prayed to the gods, what did they do to him? made him fall asleep
What does Helios threaten of Zeus does not punish Odysseus? he is going to light the underworld on fire
What happened to Odysseus’ men? they die at sea
How did Odysseus survive? -he waits in a fig tree – he rides on a little piece of ship and uses his hands
epic simile an elaborate comparison that may extend for several lines. Unlike a normal simile, which draws a comparison to a single, distinct image, an epic simile is longer and more involved.
Who is Emmaeus? guy who takes care of Odysseus’ pigs
Who appears to Odysseus and helps him? Athena
What does Odysseus’ speech to Telemachus suggest about the expectatioins of a prince? a prince must not be emotional
what warning does Odysseus give to Telemachus? he is going to disguise as a beggar and tells Telemachus that if the guys make fun of the begar, don’t react because it will blow Odysseus’ cover
What does Odysseus order Telemachus to do when Odysseus gives the signal? take all the weapons in the hall and put them in a store room
Why doesn’t Odysseus want anyone to know he has returned? he wants to know if the people are good or bad
How does the episode of Argus end? Argus dies
Why is the Argus episode important? emphasises how long Odysseus was gone
What does the suitor statement say about Greek ideas? that the gods had the ability to disguise themselves to check on people’s behavior
What is ironic about Penelope’s request? she wants to speak to the beggar about Odyssues, the beggar is Odysseus
How did Penelope deceive the suitors? she was weaving a shroud and she said when she finishes it she will marr someone, but every night she unweaved it
What does the beggar predict? that Odysseus will come soon
This epic simile of The Challenge compares what to what? Odysseus to musician
Which trait allows Odysseus to triumph in the challenge? good marksmen
The epic simile of Odysseus’ Revenge compares what to what? suitors- fish, Odysseus- fisherman
Why does Penelope test Odysseus? to make sure it’s really Odysseus- the test was describing his bed
What word describes the tone at the end of the Odyssey? positive tone, peace, happiness, success, glory

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