why did odysseus leave home? to fight in the trojan war
Why doesn’t odysseus return home as soon as the war is over? Calypso held him captive.
Where is Odysseus when the play opens? On Calypso’s island.
Who is the narrator of the play. Homer
How is Athena discribed? Strong wearing armor and young.
How does Athena decide to help Odysseus? She sent Hermes to give Calypso a message to let Odysseus go.
What can you tell about athenea that is not directley stated in the play? She is kind and very intelligent.
What is life like for Telhemachus and his mother in the abcense of Odysseus? The suitors take their home and eat all of their food.
How does Telhemachus feel when Athena tells him that his father is belived to be alive? He wishes for a different father.
WHO DOES Telhemachus blame for the sorrow that has come to his family? The gods of olympus.
How does Athenea feel about the behavior of the suitors and the problems of Telhemachus and his mother? She feels sorry for them.
Why is Telemachus leaving home? He is leaving to find Odysseus his father.
Did Penelope really intend to marry one of the men when she finished weaving her cloth. She tricked them for three years.
Why does Telemachus refuse to help the suitors? He does not want any of them to marry his mom.
How does Calypso feel about Odeyseyus She loves him.
Why has Odysseus had to stay with Calypso? Calypso held him captive.
What causes Odysseus to finally break down and tell his story? He heard the song about the Trojan war.
Why do Odysseus’s stories sound like ledgends rather than events than could really have happened? they have mythical creatures.
What do the Sirens songs do? It attracts sailors and the Sirens made them starve.
Where is Odysseus at the begining of act three and what is he doing. Under a tree on the shore in Ithica.
How does Odysseus feel when he realizes that he is really home? What does he do to show these feelings? He kisses the ground because he is exited to be home.
What problems does Eumaios tell Odysseus about? All of the suitors are trying to marry Penelope and are eating all of the food.
How does Odysseus feel he first sees his son? He is surprised to see how much he has grown and is proud of who Telhemachus is.
Why are Penelope and Telamachus willing to have a contest in which Penelope must marry a winner? Because only Odysseus could work the bow and win.
Why does Penelope give a false descirtion of Odysseus’s bed? She was trying to prove that he was really Odysseus.

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