The Odyssey

Which central idea should be included in a paraphrase of this excerpt? The forces sent by Cicones to stop the plundering of Odysseus and his men were skilled and powerful.
Which elements are best known for helping performers memorize an epic poem? rhyme, rhythm, and repetition of certain words
What key detail should be added to strengthen the student’s paraphrasing of this excerpt? Odysseus holds his home very close to his heart.
Which excerpt from The Odyssey best shows that the ancient Greeks greatly valued the idea of home? I drove them, all three wailing, to the ships, tied them down under their rowing benches, and called the rest: ‘All hands aboard; come, clear the beach and no one tastethe Lotus, or you lose your hope of home.
Which values of the ancient Greeks are most emphasized in this excerpt? bravery and perseverance
Which is the best paraphrase of this excerpt? Odysseus is the son of Laertes and is widely respected for his cunning.
Based on this passage of The Odyssey, one can conclude that the ancient Greeks greatly valued Bravery
What can be learned about the ancient Greeks from this excerpt? Check all that apply. They valued perseverance, bravery, and strength.They believed the gods were active in people’s lives.
What does Odysseus do on the island of Cicones that best shows the trait of leadership? After he and his men land on the island and plunder for goods, Odysseus commands them to return quickly to the ship so they can safely set sail.
Which central idea should be included in a paraphrase of this excerpt? The men sent by Odysseus to investigate the land they had landed upon became forgetful after eating Lotus plants.
Oddyssey part 2
Based on this excerpt, what inference can be made about Odysseus? Check all that apply. Odysseus’s curiosity about the Cyclops is stronger than his good judgment.Odysseus wants to see if the Cyclops has anything to give to him and his men.
The epic simile in this excerpt shows how helpless Odysseus’s men are in the clutches of the Cyclops.
According to this excerpt, Odysseus is prideful and overly confident.
What can be inferred about the Cyclops? He does not live by the same rules and customs as the Greeks.
What can be inferred about the Cyclops? He is savage and brutal like a wild animal.
What motivates Odysseus to tell a lie to the Cyclops? Odysseus does not want to reveal their only means of escape.
Based on the epic simile, how should the reader picture the beam of wood Odysseus found in the cave? like the mast of an enormously large ship
What two unlike elements are being compared in this simile? the Cyclops and the mast of a ship
What prevents Odysseus from killing the sleeping Cyclops? He knows that they cannot move the boulder blocking the doorway.
What motivates Odysseus to reveal his name and put his men in more danger? anger and pride
Oddyssey part 2
According to the excerpt, the Cyclopes’ distinguishes them from other men Isolation
Which in-text citation is formatted correctly in MLA style? Odysseus’s men “bent steady to the oars” (Homer 79).
Based on the evidence provided, readers can conclude that Rina is disorganized.
According to the excerpt, Odysseus believes his men were Careless
Which in-text citation is formatted correctly in MLA style? The Cyclops insists that they “care not a whistle for your thundering Zeus” (Homer 186).
What excerpt from Part 2 of The Odyssey best establishes Odysseus’s weakness? I wished to see the caveman, what he had to offer—
How does this excerpt prove that Odysseus’s men caused their own problems? by describing their neglect of orders
Based on the excerpt, readers can conclude that Odysseus’s men respect their leader.
What conclusion about Odysseus (the speaker) is best supported by the excerpt? He trusts Circe’s advice.
Which excerpt from Part 2 of The Odyssey best support the conclusion that Odysseus is clever? ‘My name is Nohbdy: mother, father, and friends,everyone calls me Nohbdy.
What is the conflict in the excerpt? Character vs Character
Which statement best explains the simile in this excerpt? The Cyclops is compared to a mast, or flagpole, because of his size.
Which statement best explains the simile in this excerpt? The Cyclops’ effort to move the stone is compared to a simple task, showing his strength.
What theme is best revealed by this conflict? It is wise to know the enemy you face.
In this excerpt, Odysseus is compared to a Bat
Which statement best explains the metaphor in this excerpt? The whirlpool is compared to a mouth, showing its menacing threat.
What does the metaphor add to the passage? Check all that apply. a description of the Cyclops’ eating habitsa comparison between the Cyclops and a large land forma visual image of the Cyclops’ size
Which statement best explains the simile in this excerpt? The sea is compared to a boiling pot, emphasizing its churning.
What theme is supported by the excerpt? It is wise to follow the counsel of trusted friends.
What theme is Homer presenting when Odysseus has his men tie him so that he will ignore the call of the Sirens in Part 3 of The Odyssey? With strength and planning, one can resist temptation.
Oddyssey part 3
Which excerpt from The Odyssey best demonstrates the importance of perseverance in Greek society? ” I learned to keep my head in hardship -years of war and years at sea. Let this new trial come”
Based on this excerpt, what is the best prediction about the future relationship between Telemachus and Odysseus? Telemachus and Odysseus will work together.
What does the dog, Argus, represent in this excerpt? Loyalty
A value is important to a society because it is a human characteristic that is considered desirable.
Which excerpt from The Odyssey demonstrate the importance of hospitality in Greek society? Here is a poor man come, a wanderer,driven by want to beg his bread, and everyonein hall gave bits, to cram his bag—onlyAntinous threw a stool, and banged his shoulder
What is the symbolism of the new cloak in this excerpt? The new cloak represents Odysseus’s transformation from a weary traveler to the returning hero.
Jackson makes the prediction that Odysseus and Telemachus will take the suitors by surprise. Which detail best supports his prediction? Let no one hear
Which is a symbol in this excerpt? The new cloak
Which is a step in making and checking predictions while reading? connecting clues to background knowledge
Which Greek values are found in The Odyssey? Check all that apply. Loyalty Hospitality Self-control Family
Being reunited with Penelope is which part of Odysseus’s epic journey? His return home
Learning patience and humility is which part of Odysseus’s epic journey His transformation
Which lines from the text best support this theme? Some god guided usthat night, for we could barely see our bowsin the dense fog around us
Which theme do these lines support? Teamwork builds strength and unity
Which events are part of the road of trials in Odysseus’s heroic quest? Check all that apply. fleeing the Lotus-Eatersfighting the SirensFacing Charybdis and Scylla
How do Telemachus’s actions in battle compare to his father’s? Both Telemachus and Odysseus are quick-thinking in battle.
According to this excerpt, how has Odysseus changed over the course of his adventure? He has become more humble and patient in battle.
Which would be most helpful when comparing Penelope with Odysseus and how they changed in The Odyssey? It would be most helpful to consider both characters’ reactions to the suitors.
From which part of Odysseus’s epic journey is this excerpt taken? His return home
In which ways does Odysseus’s character change over the course of The Odyssey? Check all that apply. He becomes more humbleHe learns to make better decisions He becomes less arrogant and proud

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