The Monster’s Lair/Battle with Grendel’s Mother

Beowulf needs to kill Grendel’s mom (he will recieve gold if he kills her) *the lair entrance is submerged with water*this is where Grendel’s mom lives*it’s a very dar, evil, foreboding place (imagery)
Grendel’s mom *She’s a sea dweller*She brings Beowulf on land for a fair fight.
Battle *She has Beowulf pinned down but Beowulf is saved by his own armor.*She is stronger but the armer saves him (fate and luck is on his side cause he found a giant sword)*He uses the giant sword and takes her head off with it. The sword was blessed with magic. Hrunting=sword*Unferth is Hrothgars right hand man who doubted Beowulf.
After the Battle *Beowulf cuts off Grendel’s head to ensure he is dead.*Blood seeps throught the lake and the Danes assume it’s Beowulf’s blood so they leave.*The Geats stay to show their loyalty*Beowulf takes the hilt of the sword (handle) and Grendel’s head to prove he killed him.
Beowulf wants glory *He doesn’t take the jewels because he just wants glory.*He throws Grendel’s head on Hrothgar’s table-he’s annoyed that the Danes left him and didn’t have faith in him.*Beowulf becomes king of Geatland for 50 years

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