The Merchant of Venice Themes

MOV Theme of Friendship Antonio: (1) loaning his friend money to woo Portia, (2) sacrificing his life for the investment between him and ShylockNerissa: (1) listens to Portia complain, (2) gives Portia adviceBassanio: (1) gives the lawyer (who is Portia) his wedding ring in thanks for helping his friend Antonio stay alive, (2) tries to stop Antonia from taking Shylock’s deal
MOV Theme of Love Antonio: – love for his friend, Bassanio is so high that he offers (1) to go into debt to help him, (2) and risks his life for himPortia: (1) forgives Bassanio for giving away her ring, (2) has her band of personal musicians plays a little tune (full of not-so-subtle hints) that helps Bassanio make the right choice (casket choosing)Shylock: (1) seems to trust his daughter with his house, and his wealth (2) the ring Jessica stole was Shylock’s dead wife’s – he was upset about that and not it’s worth (he’s not money-grubbing)
MOV Theme of Bullying Portia: (1) is intolerant of anyone who doesn’t share her religious, ethnic, and national background (example being Prince Marocco), (2) Portia takes away Shylock’s life (not physically)Shylock: (1) insists that he hates Antonio because he’s a “Christian” (2) and because he undermines his money-lending business by not charging interest. (it has to be like his business)Antonio has treated Shylock-like garbage, and he is unapologetic and insists that his racist behavior will never change.- cutthroat dog- spet upon my Jewish gaberdine- To spit on thee again
PJ Theme of Friendship Percy helped his friend Grover (who was knocked out by the accident) from the Minotaur to bring him to safetyPercy is kind towards his friends in giving them support towards their dreams – Grover wanting to find Pan- Biggest heart of any satyr ever- You’re a real searcher
PJ Theme of Love Percy loves Grover, and he loves him for the kind of person (or satyr) he is.- doesn’t he isn’t the most ferocious protector- loves him being his friendOne could say that Percy embarks upon his quest out of love for his mother.- was never tempted to keep Zeus’ bolt- kept focused and kept his priorities straight
PJ Theme of Bullying Percy is ignored- people don’t notice him- being relatively poor isolates Percy from his schoolPercy feels like a menace- When he found a safe place, a place to call home with kids like him all around, he becomes a threat to that very place. He is a destructive force

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