The Merchant of Venice Act 2

What does Portia tell the Prince of Morroco regarding his skin color? (scene 1) You have as much of a chance as anybody else
What does the Prince of Morroco say he will do if he loses? (scene 1) Never marry
Why doesn’t Lancelot’s father, Gobbo, recognize him outside of Shylock’s house? (scene 2) He’s sandblind
What is Lancelot planning to do? Why? (scene 2) Run away because Shlock is too jewish and starves him
Who does Lancelot go work for? (scene 2) Bassanio
How does Lancelot feel about Jessica? (scene 3) He loves her
Why can’t Lancelot cry when he leaves Jessica? (scene 3) It’s not manly
Why will Jessica become a christian? (scene 4) If Lorenzo keeps his promise to her and loves her
How does Jessica sneak out? (scene 4) Wearing servants clothes, bringing her families jewels and money, going to masquerade with Lorenzo
What does Jessica say will happen if she’s lucky? (scene 5) She’ll lose a father, Shylock will lose a daughter
What do Gratanio and Lorenzo think about Jessica? (scene 6) She can’t be a jew, she is too nice
Which casket does the Prince of Morroco choose? (scene 7) Gold, because everyone wants Portia
What racist comment does Portia make about the Prince of Morroco? (scene 7) She’s glad he lost, she could never love someone with black skin
How does Shylock feel about Jessica leaving? (scene 8) He’s depressed, as he has lost everything, especially his only child
What is an example of Bassanio and Antonio’s friendship love? (scene 8) When Antonio tells him to take his time with the money, putting his life at risk
What is the Prince of Arragon like? (scene 9) arrogant
What does Portia compare the suitors to? (scene 9) Moths attracted to a candle and burning