The Hero’s Journey – Beowulf

The World of Common Day Hrothgar’s lineage power/success of the Danes
The Call to Adventure News about Grendel’s terror reaches Geatland
Refusal of Call None (no true refusal)
Meeting with the Mentor Meeting Hrothgar and God favors Beowulf
Crossing the First Threshold The tearing of Grendel’s arm
Test, Allies, and Enemies Tests: BraggingAllies: Danes, Geats, Unfeth, HrothgarEnemies: Grendel, G’s mom, and Dragon
Approach to inmost cave Dragon attacks Geats and destroys Beowulf’s hall
Supreme Ordeal Beowulf fights the Dragon
Reward – Seizing the prize Killing the dragon and his treasure is taken
The Road Back Beowulf’s last requests and dies with honor
Threshold Crossing – “Resurrection” Wiglaf sends a messenger to tell what has happened
Return with Elixir – “Freedom to live” Scop’s telling of Beowulf’s story

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