The Great Gatsby Vocabulary Final – Secondary Solutions 2009 Ch. 1-9

Inclined Motivated or persuaded to do something
Privy To be a part of a secret or private knowledge
Levity behavior intended to be amusing
Incredulously unable or unwilling to believe
Contemptuously with disdain, dislike, or contempt
Intimation a subtle or indirect hint
Desolate bare and uninhabited; isolated
Impenetrable unable to be penetrated; unable to get through
Sumptuous magnificent or grand in appearance
Indeterminate not known exactly; vague
Apathetically without interest
Incessant without and end; ongoing
Gaudy Brightly colored or showily decorated
Permeate to spread or pass through
Innuendo an indirect remark or gesture that carries some hint of impropriety
Vehemently with intense conviction
Sauntered slowly walked or strolled
Ascertain to determine something
Lurched moved or swayed suddenly or unsteadily
Sporadic not happening at regular intervals
Punctilious in a careful manner, paying attention to etiquette
Proprietor the owner of a business; a legal owner
Abstraction a state in which someone is deep in thought; preoccupation
Benediction a prayer asking for a blessing
Reproachfully with disapproval or blame
Scrutinized looked over very carefully
Harrowed disturbed with great pain; distressed
Endured put up with; allowed
Defunct no longer operational; dead
Nebulous unclear or indistinct
Laudable deserving of praise
Ineffable unable to be expressed in words; unspeakable
Cordial an alcoholic beverage; a liqueur
Portentous very serious and significant
Magnanimous very generous, kind, or forgiving
Expostulation an expression of disagreement or disapproval
Malice intent to cause harm or pain
Ravenously with excessive greed and hunger
Vestibule an entry way to a house
Deranged disturbed or highly confused; insane
Surmise to conclude; make a guess
Aesthetic pleasing in appealing
Provincial unsophisticated or small-minded
Commensurate equal in size or proportion

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