The Great Gatsby Unit Test

Tom Buchanan Very wealthy oil heir; husband of Daisy; arrogant sportsman
Nick Caraway Bond salesman; cousin of Daisy; from the West; good friend of Gatsby
Jordan Baker Golf player; friend of Daisy
Owl Eyes Wears glasses; obsessed with Gatsby’s books
George Wilson Poor man; owns a garage; covered in ashes
James Gatz Goes by an alias; former war hero
Daisy Buchanan Nick’s cousin from Louisville; promised to wait for her love
Meyer Wolfsheim Gangster; gambler; known for fixing the World Series
Myrtle Wilson Wants a dog; has a secret life
Dan Cody Drank a lot; Gatsby’s mentor; traveled the world in a boat
What is the Harlem Renaissance? A time period that centered around Halem, New York, where black people from around the world came to create literature and art. The Harlem Renaissance became a haven for these people.
Harlem Renaissance Characteristics
Who is the author of The Great Gatsby? F. Scott Fitzgerald
Who is the narrator of The Great Gatsby? Nick Caraway
Where does the narrator live? West Egg
At the beginning of the book, what does Daisy compare the narrator to as they are eating supper? A rose
What does Jordan say about tom while they are eating supper? Tom has a mistress, and she is who is calling during supper.
What does Daisy want her daughter to be when she grows up? A beautiful fool
Where does Tom take Nick at the beginning of Chapter 2? What is unique about this place? Tom takes Nick to the valley of ashes. This area of town is covered in ash, dirt, and grime. The lower class, hard-working people live and work in this part of town.
Whose eyes watch over this place? Dr. T. J. Eckleburg
Who is Tom’s Mistress? Myrtle Wilson
Why does she say she married her husband? She thought he was a gentleman.
After Tom’s mistress says his wife’s name over and over in a disrespectful way, what does he do? He hits her and breaks her nose.
When Nick first goes to Gatsby’s party, what is unique about him than any other guest? He received an invitation to attend from Gatsby.
What affectionate name does Gatsby often call people? Old sport
What happens to “Owl Eyes” as he is leaving the party? He gets in a car accident when the person driving the car he was in runs in a ditch.
What is Jordan Baker’s one bad trait? She is dishonest.
What is Nick Carraway’s cardinal virtue? Honesty
What type of family does Gatsby say he came from? A wealthy family who died.
What does Gatsby give the policeman when he tries to pull Gatsby over? A white card to indicate that he gets a legal pass because he did the commissioner a favor once.
Which unsavory character does Gatsby introduce Nick to when he takes him to lunch in New York? Meyer Wolfsheim
What does this character have on his cufflinks? Human molars
Which friend of Nick’s does Gatsby meet at this lunch? Tom Buchanan
What does Jordan say that Gatsby wants from Nick? Gatsby wants Nick to invite Daisy over to his house for tea.
What instructions does Nick give Daisy when he invites her over for tea? Nick tells her not to bring her husband.
What does Gatsby do when Daisy arrives to Nick’s house for tea? He sneaks out the back, gets drenched by rain, comes around to the front of the house, and knocks on the door.
What does Daisy do when she sees all of Gatsby’s shirts? She cries.
What photo is hanging in Gatsby’s bedroom? A picture of Dan Cody
What is Gatsby’s real name? James Gatz
Who does he spend five years of his life with sailing around the continents? Dan Cody
What does Daisy say she will do for Nick at Gatsby’s party? Daisy says she will kiss Nick.
What does Gatsby believe Daisy thinks of his parties? He believes that Daisy does not like his parties.
Why is Nick worried about a potential relationship beginning between Gatsby and Daisy? Nick is worried that Gatsby’s memories of Daisy and expectations of her will not be what she actually is now.
Why does Gatsby fire his servants? He doesn’t want his servants to gossip because Daisy has begun to come over often in the afternoons.
What does Daisy tell Gatsby to ask Nick? Daisy wants Gatsby to ask Nick to come over for lunch.
Who gathers at the Buchanan’s house for lunch? Tom, Daisy, Nick, Jordan, and Gatsby
What does Daisy tell Gatsby at the table? She tells Gatsby she loves him in front of her husband.
When the group decides to go to New York, how do they travel there? What is weird about this arrangement? Daisy and Gatsby ride in Tom’s car, and Tom, Jordan, and Nick ride in Gatsby’s car. This situation is strange because Tom wanted to take Gatsby’s car and let Gatsby drive his car, and Tom’s wife chose to ride with Gatsby over him.
What happens at the Plaza Hotel between Tom, Gatsby, and Daisy? They have a huge argument. Gatsby tells Tom that Daisy never loved him and is leaving him. Tom tells Gatsby that he is crazy. Daisy is caught in the middle and must admit that she has always loved Gatsby, but at one time, she did love Tom.
What does Daisy reveal about her true feelings about Tom? She did love him at one time.
What are their travel arrangements for getting back home? Daisy and Gatsby ride in Gatsby’s car, and Tom, Jordan, and Nick ride in Tom’s car.
What does George Wilson say he has done to his wife because she does not want to out West? He has locked her upstairs.
Who is hit by a car? Myrtle Wilson
What is the color of the car that hit this person? yellow
Who does Tom believe hit this person? Gatsby
Who does Nick find waiting in the Buchanan’s yard when they arrive back? He finds Gatsby waiting to see if Daisy is okay.
What information does Gatsby reveal about what actually happened in the car accident? He reveals that Daisy was the one who was actually driving the car. He tried to yank the wheel away from Myrtle, but he was too late.
What does Nick say that Gatsby needs to do after Gatsby returns from the Buchanan’s? Nick tells Gatsby to go away somewhere. He tells him that he needs to get away for awhile.
What does Gatsby decide to do on this day that he had not done the entire summer? Go swimming
What is the only compliment Nick ever gave Gatsby? Nick told Gatsby that he was worth the whole rotten crowd who had kept so many secrets for so long.
Who calls Nick at work? Jordan Baker
Who is Michaelis, and what does he find in Wilson’s drawer? A very nice dog leash
Who does Wilson refer to as God? Dr. T. J. Eckleburg
What happens to Gatsby as he is going to swim in the pool? He is shot by Wilson.
What did Nick do half an hour after discovering Gatsby’s body? He called Daisy to tell her the news, but she is not home.
After the car accident, where did Daisy and Tom go? They left the area until things calmed down.
How does Meyer Wolfsheim respond to Nick’s letter? He tells Nick he is upset by the news, but he will not be able to attend the funeral because he has some important business to tend to.
Who sends a telegram from Minnesota on the third day after Gatsby’s death? Gatsby’s father, Henry C. Gatz
Why does Klipspringer call? He is missing a pair of shoes that he thinks he may have left at Gatsby’s house.
Who says he “made” Gatsby? Meyer Wolfsheim
Why does Wolfsheim not want to attend Gatsby’s funeral? He says he does not want to get mixed up in the situation of his death and the scandal surrounding it.
Identify the character who says the following: “Let us learn to show our friendship for a man when he is alive and not after he is dead.” Meyer Wolsheim
What is written in Gatsby’s copy of Hopalong Casidy? A schedule and a list of general resolves Gatsby made when younger.
How does Nick describe the East now? He says it is haunted and “distorted beyond my eyes’ power of correction.”
At the end of the book, how old is Nick? 35
What adjective does Nick use to describe Tom and Daisy? Careless
What is the last thing Nick looked at before leaving? the green light
What is the Harlem Renaissance? A time period that centered around Halem, New York, where black people from around the world came to create literature and art. The Harlem Renaissance became a haven for these people.
What is the Great Migration? The Harlem Renaissance–many African-Americans migrated to the Urban North to get away from racial tensions and hostility.
What kicked off the Harlem Renaissance? A dinner led by an older generation of African-Americans to inspire and guide the younger generations
What brought the Harlem Renaissance to a premature end? The Great Depression
What did the writers of this period focus upon? Bringing about equality and ending racial segregation
What is Modernism? Modernism is a response to a world of contradictions like hope, self-doubt and self-discovery, crumbling traditions and explosive creative energy.
What did Modernist writing focus upon? Modernists rejected traditional subject matter and themes. They wrote about alienated individuals. They used understatement and irony to reveal important emotions and ideas. They do not state meaning directly, but they use symbols and images to convey meaning.

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