the great gatsby true/false

true gatsby’s real name is James Gatz
false nick carraway’s father says that all people are born with the same advantages
true gatsby and carraway were both in the war
true west egg is less fashionable than east egg
false gatsby buys a mansion in west egg so that he can be near the sea
true tom buchannan comes from a wealthy family
false tom buchanan lives simply
false daisy marries tom because gatsby rejects her
true tom has been unfaithful almost from the start of his marriage
false daisy and jordan are rarely bored
true tom is a mna with strong prejudices
false myrtle wilson is a cultivated, refined woman
false gatsby’s parties are small and elegant
true the story is told in a series of highly dramatic scenes
false nick invents a false, romantic story about his background
true nick feels he understands Gatsby’s dream and hopes
false gatsby’s party guest are very carefully selected
true jordan tells nick of Gatsby’s love for Daisy
false it is jordan who reunites Gatsby and daisy
true gatsby shows nick evidence of his bravery in the war
true nick arranges a meeting between daisy and gatsby
true weather serves as an appropriate background for significant events in the story
true gatsby’s pink suit signifies his lack of social finesse
true gatsby loves Daisy because she represents wealth and seems mysterious
false daisy is sure of her love for Gatsby
false daisy goes home with her husband after their evening with Nick, Gatsby, and Jordan
true daisy is driving the car when it hits Myrtle
true gatsby takes the blame for driving the car in the hit-and-run accident
false tom buchanan shoots Gatsby
true tom buchanan furnishes wilson witht eh information that leads to the deaths of Gatsby and wilson
false gatsby wants daisy to admit her part in Myrtle’s death
true tom insists that Daisy and Gatsby drive home together
false at the inquest Catherine gives all the details which led to her sister’s death
true the ash heaps signify desolation and failure
false wolfsheim is significant because he is the only friend to attend Gatsby’s funeral
false Jordan Baker is trying to work her way into the upper class
true gatsby’s business is illegal
true after gatsby’s death, Nick considers himself loyal to Gatsby
true nick arranges a meeting between daisy and gatsby
true nick arranges a meeting between daisy and gatsby
true nick arranges a meeting between daisy and gatsby

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