The Great Gatsby Treasure Hunt

F. Scott FitzgeraldSkim the biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Explain what influenced his life and writing. Note: Do not simply copy the first sentence. Skim the entire biography and make sure you are thinking about this question. Fitzgerald joined the army and was convinced that he would die in the war, leading him to write a novel, “The Romantic Egotist”. Scott and Zelda spend money faster than earning it, which leads to his novel about effects of money on character was unable to manage his own finances. His life was influenced by alcohol, money and conflicts in his relationship.
World War IAfter the war ended, the economy skyrocketed, making it possible for people to spend more time and money on leisure activities. What are three major innovations that came out of the WWI experience? The three major innovations that come out of the WWl includes: speakeasies, assembly line methods, and scientific management techniques.
What are the dominant postwar American attitudes and the major movements of the 1920s? Pay particular attention to the attitudes of the “Lost Generation” and the “Prosperity and Consumerism” movement. Postwar American Attitudes: Disillusionment following World War I, particularly among veterans, artists, and intellectuals (the Lost Generation), fear of Bolshevism, fear of foreigners, and the rise of the nativist Ku Klux Klan. Major Movements of the 1920’s: Prohibition (authorized by passage of the 18th Amendment in 1919), Fundamentalism vs. Modernism, Prosperity and Consumerism.
19th Amendment What right did women gain from the passage of the 19th Amendment? 19th amendment gave women the right to vote.
Roaring Twenties List the three most major events (in your opinion–show your intelligence) that occurred in the year the novel was set, 1922. Skim this list and find what you think are the most important. 3 major events that occurred in 1922 are the Five Power Naval Disarmament Treaty, signed between the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, France and Italy; a challenge to the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, allowing women the right to vote, is rebuffed by the Supreme Court of the United States; and Gabriel Narutowicz, sworn on December 11 as first president of the Second Polish Republic, is assassinated by a right-wing sympathizer in Warsaw.
18th AmendmentWhat EXACTLY does the 18th Amendment abolish (be careful)? 18th Amendment abolish the sale of alcohol and the transport of alcohol.
Explain the impact. This made intoxicated liquors illegal.
ProhibitionWhat is a Speakeasy? Speakeasy is sold illegal alcohol beverages.
Based on the information you have accumulated thus far, why did Speakeasies pop up across the country? Speakeasy pop up across the country because alcohol was abolished by the 18th amendment, making it illegal. However, some people really want alcohol.
Organized Crime and Arnold “The Big Bankroll” RothsteinWhat are the three elements of Rothstein’s biography that interest you? How he was an travel salesman, his nickname “The Big Bank Roll”, he was so slick shat he never convicted of breaking any law during his lifetime except in the end.
What was the most interesting thing in this article that was not in his biography? Explain. He stabbed his own brother. It’s just shocking that he stabbed his brother and nearly killed him.
Did your impression of Rothstein change from one site to the next? Explain. I was shocked because the bibliography talks about his history but the article is more detailed enough to talk about the terrible things that he did since he was a kid.
FlappersRead the first five paragraphs of the article about “Flapper Jane.” According to the article, what are the essential elements of being a true flapper? Some essential elements of being a true flapper are beauty, pallor mortis, poisonously scarlet lips, richly ringed eyes, skin-exposing clothing, and popular bob hairstyle.
Read Dorothy Parker’s poem, “The Flapper.” How does Ms. Parker feel about Flappers? Explain. Ms. Parker approved about Flappers because they get to have a chance to try new things.
AutomobilesAutomobiles were considered “the most important catalyst for social change” in the 1920’s. Why? The car represented prosperity and luxury, which was a key part of the 1920s, as well as granting Americans with more freedom and ways to get around quicker.
Drawing conclusionsBased on the information you have collected, what do you think the plot and setting of The Great Gatsby will include? I think Great Gatsby will include: setting that is a very poor town; reach and poor people; alcohol leads to the violence of the town.
What kinds of characters do you expect to encounter in this novel? I’m expecting to encounter the flappers, men that have their own car, also men who are selling alcohol illegally.
Watch these two trailers: on the scenes from these two trailers, what can you expect from the novel? I’m expecting to see party, romance, rich and poor town, war.
Are you looking forward to this unit? Why/why not? I’m looking forward to this unit because my cousin read this book and she said it’s her favorite, and I want to seed how the ending goes because they said in the trailer that it has a very sad ending.
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