The Great Gatsby Study Guide Questions Chapter 9

Why can’t Nick get anyone to come to Gatsby’s funeral? •Gatsby had no close friends. •All of the party people were too shallow to hardly even meet him, much less become friends or care enough to attend his funeral (they were only interested in the good times that his parties supplied)•Tom and Daisy left town, didn’t leave an address, didn’t say when they’d be back, didn’t say where they were or how anyone could reach them•Wolfshiem was too shady he couldn’t be seen at a funeral of someone who had been murdered, he says that he is tied up in some very important business and cannot get mixed up in this thing now•Klipspringer says he’ll try to go, but probably won’t come. He says he’s staying with some people up in Greenwich and there’s a picnic tomorrow so he should go with them. The only reason he called was because he left his tennis shoes at Gatsby’s house and wants a butler to send them to his new address.
Who is Henry C. Gatz? Henry C. Gatz is Gatsby’s father
What is the book Henry C. Gatz shows Nick? Why is it important to the novel? •It’s a copy of Hopalong Cassidy with one of Gatsby’s personal schedules in it•It shows Gatsby’s planning, his desire to work to get ahead, and his spirit for romantic adventure•All of these characteristics are classically American characteristics which on a symbolic level lift Gatsby from being just another character to representing the good ol’ American Spirit and dream
What happens between Nick and Jordan Baker? Nick breaks off the relationship with Jordan. He went to talk to her before he moved back home in the West. Nick talked about what had happened to them together, and what had happened afterward to him and she just listened. He just can’t stand the ease with which she (and Tom and Daisy) let things slip by. They are too irresponsible for his moral sensibilities and his honest nature. After he was done Jordan said she was engaged to another man, even though Nick highly doubts that.
What does Nick say about people like Daisy and Tom? Nick says people like Daisy and Tom are careless people. Tom and Daisy smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.

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