The Great Gatsby Study Guide Chapter 8

What does Gatsby tell Nick about his past? Is it true? •Daisy was the first “nice” girl Gatsby had met•He found her excitingly desirable ( it excited him that many men had loved Daisy, for he thought it increased her value in his eyes)•Gatsby knew he was in Daisy’s house by a mistake (however glorious his future might b as Jay Gatsby he was currently a penniless young man without a past)•He had given Daisy a false sense of security•Gatsby loved Daisy•Daisy loved Gatsby as well•He went to war and did extraordinarily well (was a captain before he went to the front, following the Argonne battles he got his majority and the command of the divisional machine-guns)•After the Armistice he tried frantically to get home•Complication and misunderstanding sent him to Oxford instead•He got nervous desperate letters from Daisy, this made Gatsby nervous•Daisy wanted Gatsby to come home so she could know she was making the right decision (but Gatsby couldn’t/wouldn’t come home)•Daisy began dating again(half a dozen men with half a dozen dates)•Middle of spring Tom Buchanan arrived•Daisy married Tom under pressure to marry well, Gatsby came back from France when Tom and Daisy were still on their wedding trip•Yes all of it is true in basic facts
What does Michaelis believe caused Myrtle to run? Michaelis believed that Mrs. Wilson (Myrtle) had been running away from her husband, Wilson, rather than trying to stop any particular car.
Why did she run? Myrtle ran because she thought Tom was in the yellow car. Earlier that day, when Tom, Jordan and Nick stopped at Wilson’s Garage they were in Gatsby’s yellow car. Myrtle saw from her upstairs room window that Tom was driving the yellow car. She was running towards Tom because she thought the yellow car was his.
Why does Wilson believe that Gatsby killed Myrtle? Tom told Wilson that the yellow car was Gatsby’s car.
Why does Wilson do? Wilson shot Gatsby while he was in the pool. Then Wilson shot himself.

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