The Great Gatsby Review

Nick Carraway the narrator, from Minnesota, “inclined to reserve judgement”, a trusted person, lives in West Egg, Daisy’s cousin, likes how Gatsby has “hope”, went to Yale
Jay Gatsby protagonist, lives in a mansion in West Egg, New Money, throws extravagant parties every Saturday night
Daisy Nick’s cousin, married to Tom Buchanan, has a daughter named Pammy, Old Money, lives in East Egg
Tom married to Daisy, went to Yale, Old Money, having an affair with Myrtle, lives in East Egg
Jordan Baker Daisy’s friend, dates Nick, golfer
Myrtle Wilson Tom’s mistress, married to George, lives in the Valley of Ashes
George Wilson Myrtle’s husband, owns a run down auto shop, lives in the Valley of Ashes
Meyer Wolfsheim the person who got Gatsby into the business of bootlegging, helped Gatsby make his fortune
Henry Gatz Gatsby’s dad, one of the 3 people to attend Gatsby’s funeral
Dan Cody Gatsby’s old friend who passed away, gave Gatsby his name, hired Gatsby as an assistant
Owl Eyes drunk man Nick meets at the first party, he looks through Gatsby’s library
Klipspringer lives at Gatsby’s mansion, piano player
Pammy Buchanan daughter of Tom and Diasy
James Gatz What is Jay Gatsby’s real name?
on a farm in North Dakota Where was Gatsby raised?
Daisy Who is Gatsby in love with?
bootlegger What is Gatsby’s job?
he is shot by George Wilson How does Gatsby die?
he shots himself (after killing Gatsby) How does George Wilson die?
5 years How long have Gatsby and Daisy been apart?
because of Tom’s money Why did Daisy choose Tom over Gatsby?
she is ran over by Daisy How does Myrtle die?
Gatsby Who wants to take the blame for Myrtle’s murder in order to protect Daisy?
The dog collar What objects assures George Wilson that Myrtle is cheating on him?
Tom and Myrtle Which two people (secretly) have an apartment together?
he doesn’t want to get mixed up in it Why doesn’t Wolfsheim attend Gatsby’s funeral?
Owl eyes, Henry Gatz, and Nick Who are the only 3 people to attend Gatsby’s funeral?
the roaring twenties What time period does this book take place?
they flee, leaving no address What happens to Daisy and Tom at the end of the book?
the eyes that watch over the valley of ashes Who is Doctor T.J. Eckleburg?
the eyes of god Who is Doctor T.J. Eckleburg a symbol of?
because she taunts him about Daisy Why does Tom hit Myrtle?
between West Egg and New York City Where is the Valley of Ashes?
Louisville Where did Daisy meet Gatsby?
Tom Who does Daisy choose to be with at the end of the novel?
to learn about the bond business Why does Nick move to New York?
they both fought in WWI Where does Gatsby recognize Nick from?
Daisy Who said, “I hope she’ll be a fool-that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool”?
motif a reoccurring object or idea that represents a deeper idea and develops a theme of the text
symbolism an object that represents a much more significant and deeper idea
weather, time, and colors What are the motifs in the book?
Gatsby’s shirts, green light, east egg, west egg, and eyes of T.J. Eckleburg What are the symbols in the book?
East Egg What part of the town is filled with mansions and people with old money?
Myrtle’s sister Who is Catherine?
Uncle of Gatsby Who is Kaiser Wilhelm’s?
fixed the 1919 World Series What did Meyer Wolfsheim do that brought him to “fame”?
30 years old How old is Nick?
Daisy, Tom, Gatsby, Jordan, and Nick Who is all on the trip to New York City?
flee to Long Island What does Nick suggest Gatsby does at the end of the book?
move back to the Midwest What does Nick do after Gatsby’s death?

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