The Great Gatsby Questions Chapter IV

What do the girls at the party think Gatsby did to get rich? Some assume hes a bootlegger. Others assume he is actually a German spy (the girls think he is). Daisy thinks he owns a string of pharmacies (which i believe is the truth).
(1) Why do you think Fitzgerald gives a long list of those guests who attended Gatsby’s parties that summer? (2) What “subtle tribute” did these people give Gatsby? (1) It illustrates the fact that there were a lot of people that attended Gatsby’s parties, and the classes of these people.(2) The fact that there were both a lot of people and people of high class made Gatsby famous, in a sense.
Who is the “boarder”? How did he get his name? A man who’s real name is Ewing Klipspringer. He got his name because he basically lives at Gatsbey’s mansion. This may be due to the fact that his parties are so big, or because Gatsbey is lonely/generous.
Describe Gatsbey’s car. It’s a very distinct creme color, to show that Gatsby is both rich and unique. It’s long, perhaps to hold alot of people. Finaly it contains lots of boxes.
What new information does Gatsby give Nick about himself? That he was born into wealth.His parents, from the Midwest, are dead.He went to Oxford (“as a family tradition”).He essentially lived it up after his parents died. (“[living] in all the capitals of Europe… collecting jewels…hunting big game, painting a little, things for myself only and trying to forget something very sad” (P. 65))And that he went to war and got a medal from every allied country (which he has proof of).
(1) What is Nick’s reaction to Gatsby’s story? (2) What makes Nick suspect that that Gatsby is lying about his past? (1) Nick feels very suspicious about Gatsby’s story.(2) This is due to the fact that Gadsby is very tense/specious during his lies, “hurried the phrase “educated at Oxford,” or swallowed it or choked on it,”;moreover, his lies contradict each other, as he claims to be from the midwest and San Francisco (which California is not in the Midwest).
(1) what two things does gatsby always carry? (2) What do you think of him carrying these things with him at all times? (3) Why do you think he does this? (1) Gatsbey always carries around a valor metal and a picture of him playing cricket in Oxford.(3) He probably does this to ensure that others don’t believe the rumors sourrounding Gatsbey(2) This further confuses me on the origin of Gatsby, as he has concrete proof, but Nick still thinks he’s lieing.
How does Gatsby get out of a speeding ticket? He shows the police officer a christmas card from the police commissioner, to identify that he’s Gatsby, to which the police officer lets him go because the commissioner “owes him a favor”.
(1) Describe Mr. Wolfsheim. (2) What kind of man is he? (3) Why do you think he is associated with Gatsby? (1) He’s a small Jewish man with a particular nose. He rigged the world series in 1919.(2) He’s very violent and gruff.(3) They probably do business together, as they both: are well accuanted, appear to have moraly questionable occupations and they talk about a man who needs a connection.
(1) What did Tom give Daisy the day before their wedding? (2) What happened that evening? (3) Why did Daisy have a breakdown? (1) An expensive string of pearls.(3) Because Daisy got a letter from Gatsby telling her that he’d like to meet her again.(2) Daisy got very drunk and had a mental breakdown over Gatsby.
(1) What happened with Tom in Ventura? (2)Who was he with? (3) What is notable about this incident? (1)He ran into a wagon on the road.(3) A chambermaid from the Hotel(2) its notable because it says he was a lier and cheater even before they were fully married..on their honey moon
Why, according to Jordan, is it not a coincidence that Gatsby lives where he does, at West Egg? Because, Gatsby delibertly bought it that way, so that he might be closer to Daisy and win her affection.
What did Gatsby want Jordan to ask Nick? What does Gatsby want Daisy to see? Gatsby wants Jordan to ask both Gatsby and Daisy over to tea, so that Daisy can see/go to Gatsby’s mansion.
Explain your interpretation of the quote, “There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired.” In terms of the novel, who are the ones being pursued, the ones doing the pursuing, the ones who are busy, and the ones who are tired? Justify your choices. This means that there are certain kinds of people in this world and each one has a key part. In this senero, some work hard, some cheat and need to get caught and others are tired while working for this..For example Daisy is persued by Gatsby, as he wants her and it seems like everyone else wants her based on her attractiveness and charms.Gatsby is always persuing, as he is always trying to keep everyone happy and keep his popularity up also.Nick is always busy, as he is dragged from place to place and everyone always has something to tell him/show him.

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