The Great Gatsby questions chapter 3

How does Nick happen to attend one of Gatsby’s parties? Gatsby invited him; himself, The chauffeur brought him the invitation.
What are some of the rumors that circulate about Gatsby? He killed a man, he was a German spy during the war, and he was nefews with Kiser.
In ten words or less, describe the party. Drinking, crazy, wild, dancing, hectic, loud, crowded, expensive.
What does Nick vaguely remember about Jordan Baker? Lying about the sunroof and cheating in golf.
Describe the two ways in which Nick differs from the other guests at Gatsby’s party. He was invited, goes to meet Gatsby- got to see and talk to Gatsby.
What does Nick think of Gatsby when he first meets him? Doesn’t know who he is, he describes his smile, and finds him easy to talk to. he says he is mysterious.
Describe the events and atmosphere of the party. Everyone is dancing, having fun, wild, spacious, emotional, gossip, hooking up, kinda showy, orchastra. Almost like an amusement park.
What does the owl-eyed man in the library find extraordinary about Gatsby’s library? All the books are real and have pages.
What does Nick learn about Jordan Baker after he has spent some time with her? She is incurably dishonest, cheated in golf, and he is starting to like her.
Why does Fitzgerald describe the party (in the passage beginning “by seven o’clock the orchestra has arrived”) in present tense? To make it seem more realistic to the readers. To make the reader feel like they were there.
How does Nick characterize the guests at Gatsby’s party? What do his characterizations tell us about how Nick feels about most of these people? What sense of life in the Jazz Age do we get from the description of this party? He says they look rich, rude, ill-mannered, and self-indulgent. Providing a senterical portrait of the Jazz Age in general. People are out of control, their behavior was like those at an amusement park, they were carefree.
Describe the ambiguity in Gatsby’s character that strikes Nick. Very mysterious, truly interested in other people but his speech is kind of artificial. He feels as though he doesn’t fit in.
Describe two incidents involving automobiles in this chapter. What role do automobiles seem to play in the novel so far? Man’s wheel fell off, Jordan almost hit a man. Car crashed in the ditch, Jordan drives carelessly. Trying to go to fast, much tragedy associated with them, car is trouble.

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