How does the narrator describe Gatsby? He says he is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary gift for hope.
Where did the narrator come from and why? He came from the Midwest to study the bond business
Describe the narrators house. His house is very middle class and average. Lives in west egg where the new money is.
Describe the Buchanan’s house. They have a colonial Georgian mansion its very formal,the east egg is where the old money is.
How does nick know Daisy and Tom? Daisy is Nick’s cousin and he went to Yale with Tom.
Describe Tom. What is your impression of him in chapter one? Tom is an arrogant,sexist,racist old money snob.
What kind of person is Daisy? Daisy is superficial socialite she smarter than she acts.
What news did Miss Baker share with Nick about Tom at dinner? That Tom has a mistress in New York.
When asked about her daughter,what does Daisy say? She says shes hope shes hopes shes a beautiful little fool.
How is Gatsby introduced in the beginning of the novel? His name comes up in conversation between Nick and Jordan; Nick sees him standing on the shore looking intensely at a green light across the bay.
What is the “valley of ashes”? The industrial area where Myrtle and Wilson live; it provides vivid contrasts between East Egg and West Egg.
What do the eyes of Dr.T.J Eckleberg represent? A billboard that symbolizes “God” and the idea that “God sees everything.”
Who did Tom take Nick to meet? Myrtle, his mistress
Identify Mr. and Mrs. Wilson. Myrtle is Tom’s mistress and George is her husband of 11 years who is a repair man.
What did Myrtle buy while she was out with Nick and Tom? She bought a dog.
Where does Tom force Nick to go on a day out in NYC? Myrtle’s apartment (paid for by Tom). They have a party.
Who is Catherine? Catherine is Myrtle’s sister; she comes to the party in NYC at the apartment.
What does Catherine tell Nick about Gatsby? He is the nephew of Kaiser Wilhelm.
What reason did Myrtle give for marrying George? She thought he was a gentleman; later she found out differently.
What did Tom do to Myrtle when she mentioned Daisy’s name? He slapped her and broke her nose.
Describe Gatsby. He has a huge castle-like home; he throws big parties and has very nice cars. He is very extravagant.
What kind of people come to Gatsby’s party? The newly rich, famous people
Why did Nick Carraway go to the party? He was invited by Gatsby.
How does Nick meet Gatsby? Gatsby casually starts a conversation with Nick at the party.
What are some stories about Gatsby? He killed a man. He was a spy.
James Gatz’s alter ego Jay Gatsby, a son of old money who has traveled the world.
Nick’s relationship with Jordan Baker He likes her but they are not in love.
Who is Kilpspringer? He is the “boarder” who plays the piano and seems to always be at Gatsby house.
What does Gatsby tell Nick about himself? He told nick he was educated at Oxford, inherited his money from his family, and got some medals in the war.
What “matter” did Gatsby have Jordan discuss with Nick? Jordan asked Nick to arrange tea for Gatsby and Daisy at Nick’s house.
Who is Mr.Wolfshiem? He is a “business associate” of Gatsby’s and he fixed the World series of 1919.
What does Mr.Wolfsheim tell Nick about Gatsby? He said that Gatsby was the kind of man you’d like to take home and introduce to your mother and sister.
What does Jordan tell Nick about Daisy, Gatsby, and Tom? Daisy and Gatsby had an earlier romance. Her parents wouldn’t let her see him off to war. Then she married Tom, and soon found out that he had a mistress.
Tea at Nick’s The tea was very awkward because Gatsby and Daisy were nervous. Soon, the two are looking into each others eyes and are enamored with each other.
How long did it take Gatsby to finally arrange a meeting with Daisy? Gatsby and Daisy see each other again after 5 years apart.
Why did Gatsby want Daisy to see the house and his clothes? Gatsby wants to impress Daisy with his wealth and show her he can afford to take care of her.
What did the green light on the dock meant to Gatsby? This symbolizes hope, greed, and jealousy. Gatsby envisions a future with Daisy.
What had Gatsby turned Daisy into in his own mind? Daisy is perfection; Gatsby has everything in the world he could ever want–except for the one thing he wants most: Daisy.
What is Gatsby’s real history? James Gatz is a poor man from an unsuccessful family of farmers in North Dakota.
What did Dan Cody do for Gatsby? Cody educated Gatsby about money and the people who have it.
What is Daisy’s opinion about Gatsby’s party? How does this affect him? Daisy does not like Gatsby’s party. She thinks of it more to be like an amusement park. This makes Gatsby sad.
What does Gatsby want from Daisy? He wasnts Daisy to admit to Tom that she never loved him and she wants her to leave Tom for him.
What was Gatsby’s reaction to Daisy’s child? Gatsby was surprised and shocked; Pam is a constant reminder of Daisy’s relationship with Tom.
What did Wilson do to Myrtle? Wilson locked Myrtle in her room until they are able to get away from the area.He suspects she is having an affair.
Why does Daisy suggest going into NYC instead of staying at her house? Daisy attempts to change the subject and avoid a confrontation between Tom and Gatsby.
What does Gatsby think about Daisy’s relationship with Tom? Daisy never loved Tom.
How does Daisy feel about Gatsby and Tom? Daisy is torn in between the two men. She wants Gatsby but she known she will never leave Tom.
What happens on the way home from New York? Daisy accidentally ran Myrtle over with Gatsby’s car.
How do people react to Myrtles death? Wilson feels guilty. Tom cries. Nick feels sick. Gatsby’s only concern is Daisy.
What is the true relationship between Daisy and Tom? They are two peas in a pod. They use other people up to satisfy their own interests and run away from troubles when things get difficult in life.
Gatsby’s past He met Daisy and fell in love. However, he wasn’t able to take care of her yet, so he went to war to earn some money. When he returned, Daisy was married.
Why does Myrtle run when she sees Gatsby’s car coming? She thought it was Tom in the yellow car because she had seen him in it earlier.
Who does Myrtle think is in the car with Tom? Myrtle thought Jordan was Daisy.
Why does Wilson believe that Gatsby killed Myrtle? The yellow car hit and killed Myrtle, and then kept driving.
What does Wilson do? Wilson shoots Gatsby and kills himself.
Nick couldn’t get anyone to come to Gatsby’s funeral. Gatsby had no real friends. His “associates” did not want to be involved with his death.
What happens between Nick and Jordan? He breaks it off; they are all to irresponsible.
What does Nick say about people like Tom and Daisy? He says they were careless and had other people clean up their messes.

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