The Great Gatsby novel questions

Who is the narrator and what is the point of view? Nick Carraway-> 1st person narrator
What are some of the effects of 1st person narrator view? Inside view-> one persons perspective; Truthful but also biased & one sided
Describe the West Egg. less fashionable, more new rich people, main character lives here
Describe the East Egg. white palaces of fashionable, old rich
Describe the Buchanans’ house. wealthy and expensive, stable with horses
Describe Gatsby’s House wealthy over the top mansion, pool, tower, beach
Where’s Nicks house located? Nick is squeezed between two mansions, not as nice
Whose Tom Buchanan? Former football player, went to Yale, married to Daisy and is friends with Nick
When Nick joins Tom, Daisy, and Jordan; who calls? Toms’ mistress in New York
What is Tom really like? How dose he treat Daisy? Hes an abusive husband and a disloyal lover. having an affair with a women in New York and he broke Daisy’s Nose.
What is Gatsby doing when Nick arrives back home from Tom’s? Standing on his dock shaking and reaching his arms out toward a green light
Whose Jordan Baker? A pro-golfer that’s friends with Daisy and meets Nick at the first dinner at Tom’s
What is the wasteland of ashes called in chapter two? Valley of Ashes
Where is the Valley of Ashes located? Between the West Egg and New York City
What might the Valley of Ashes represent? Corruption, people’s sin and relationships burning; moral wasteland
What is hanging near the Valley of Ashes? a Billboard
What is on the billboard near the Valley of Ashes? Eyes that are looking down at the valley, the eyes have a blind look to it, all behind yellow glasses
What might the eyes on the billboard represent? The eyes are sad and judging the people
What does the cover have to do with the billboard? The cover has big eyes are judging and looking down at the ‘wasteland’
Who lives in the Valley of Ashes? George and Myrtle Wilson in the attic of a garage
Describe George Wilson pale anemic (not enough iron), ghosts, lifeless, a little handsome in a pale way, white ash all over him (walking dead)
Whose Myrtle Wilson? 30, short, wears a lot of makeup, full of variety and life, sexy, skinny
What is the relationship between Tom and Myrtle? Tom is having an affair with Myrtle
How does Tom treat Myrtle? he has his own apartment for her and he buys her things that she likes; expensive things
What is the significance of the black dress that Myrtle wears? Its the transformation from her old life into a life she wants
Who goes to the apartment ‘party’ that Tom and Myrtle have? Myrtle, Tom, Nick, Mr. and Mrs. McKee (neighbors), and Catherine (Myrtle’s sister)
What happens to Myrtle (Chapter 2) Tom breaks her nose
Where is Nick the next morning after the apartment party? how does he get there? wakes up at Penn Station doesn’t know where is his or how he got there
How do the guest at Gatsby’s house act? The behavior o the people are associated with people at the amusement park (eat too much, destruction, sick)
Who was the only person that was technically invited to Gatsby’s party? Nick Carraway
Who does Nick see at Gatsby’s party? Jordan Baker
Who is in the library at Gatsby’s party? Owl Eyes- a drunk man mesmerized by all the books
True or False: Gatsby loves to sit and socialize with his guests and enjoy the party FALSE! Gatsby likes to sit back and watch his guests, not join them.
Whats a bootlegger? someone who makes alcohol illegally during the Probation
What is some of the gossip about Gatsby? Killed a man in cold blood and a German Spy
True or False: Gatsby loves to get drunk at his parties. False: Gatsby doesn’t drink
Describe Jay Gatsby Handsome, flashy, formal, and rich; 30 years old; has a great smile and speech
What is a great characteristic about Gatsby? His smile= killer; one of those rare smiles with the quality of reassurance
What does Gatsby call everyone? “Old Sport”
What does Nick find out about Jordan after Gatsby’s party? Shes incredibly dishonest; cheated at one of her golf tournaments
True or False: is Nick bothered by Jordan for being so dishonest FALSE: doesn’t bother him cause shes so pretty
“I am one of the few_______ people that I have ever known” (p. 64). Fill in the blank. Who says this? Honest. Nick Carraway
How would you describe the people that attend Gatsby’s party? rich, alcoholics, terrible people
What is some of Gatsby’s war experience? he fought in WWI and he was first lieutenant, Argon Force, led his troops way ahead and got promoted, major battle, became a major and has several medals
What is the medal the Gatsby carries around with him? Monte Negro; 1922
What does Gatsby carry around the Monte Negro Medal? trying to prove himself
Who is Mr. Wolfsheim? 50 years old gangster that’s friends to Gatsby
What is significant about the cuff links that Mr. Wolfsheim is wearing? they are gold human molars
What is significant about Daisy wearing white? pure, fairy tale like, princesses, Power
What is the irony about the color white? (Daisy) she’s not herself it’s all an illusion
Who were in love when they were teenagers? Daisy and Gatsby
Why couldnt Daisy and Gatsby get married? Daisy’s parents didnt want their ‘princess’ to go off and get married to Gatsby
What did Tom give Daisy when he met her? a pearl neckless worth $350,000
What was daisy complaining about before her wedding? She received a letter from Gatsby that he is returning home and she realized she still loved him and didn’t want to marry Tom
What did Tom do on their honeymoon? In California he had his first affair with one of the hotel maids
What does Gatsby want Nick to do? Wants to invite Daisy over for tea so that Gatsby can see her again
What was Gatsby’s emotions before meeting Daisy? acting like a child, nervous, wanting to leave before she even gets there
Whats significant about the broken clock? Gatsby wants to go back in time,but like the clock and real life you cant go back in time
What does Daisy cry about when she sees Gatsby’s mansions? that huge one over there!
what does Daisy cry about when she is in Gatsby’s room cries about all the pretty shirts
Why does Daisy cry over the nice shirts? she realizes that all this could have been hers but shes stuck living with Tom
Embarrassment, Joy, and Wonder are what? The three emotions that Gatsby displays when being with Daisy
At the beginning of the book you see the green light as something Gatsby wants, now what does the green light represent? (chapter 5) desire, dream and hope; Gatsby basically have Daisy now <3 yay!
What are the two songs that Klipspringer plays? 1. Love Nest 2. Ain’t We Got Fun?
What was the meaning behind the song ‘Love Nest’ Love Nest is like Gatsby’s mansion, its going to be a love nest
What was the meaning behind the song ‘Ain’t we Got Fun?’ rich people just go out and have fun all the time with their money and parties
Who is Klipspringer? he was a ‘boarder’ left over from a party
what was Gatsby’s attraction to Daisy? he wants things to go back to there they were in love those 5 years ago.
what are the two things that Daisy’s voice symbolize? 1. voice is like money2. her voice is like a deathless song
Whats Gatsby’s real birth name? James Gatz
what age did Gatsby run away from home? 17
When Gatsby runs away from home, what were his first jobs in Duluth? Clam digger and Salmon fisher
What college did Gatsby go to for 2 weeks? St. Olaf
Who was Gtasby’s mentor? Dan Cody
Describe Dan Cody: 50 year old drunk that got his money from mining, travels the world in a yaht
how many times did Gatsby travel the world with Dan Cody? 3
What are the 5 things that Dan Cody teaches Gatsby? 1. not to drink 2. not to trust gold diggers3. not to trust lawyers 4. how to look and act rich 5. worldly knowledge
True or false: Daisy loved going to Gatsby’s party false
What was Tom doing at Gatsby’s party? picking up girls
What does Tom learn about Gatsby at his party? he is a bootlegger
“Cant you repeat the _______? Why of course you can!” Who says this? fill in the blank. Past. Gatsby says this
What was significant about the dead flowers and crushed fruit Gatsby and Daisy walked by? the past is dead
What changed at Gatsby’s house? Hes not having parties anymore
Who is Trimalchio? a character created by Roman satirist Petronius- hes known as a vulgar upstart whose low origins are shown by his extravagance and ostentation
Whose Pammy? Daisy’s baby girl
What does Daisy day to Gatsby to make Tom realize that they love each other? “Oh you look so cool, you always look cool”
What does Tom insist that he and Gatsby do? Switch cars when they drive to New York
What makes George Wilson physically sick? he had discovered that Myrtle had some sort of life apart from him in another world
What does George Wilson want to buy from Tom? A car to get money to go out West
What mistake does Myrtle make when she looks outside from the window? She thinks that Jordan is Diasy
What is the climax of the book? in New York when Tom starts to question Gatsby about his past
What is significant about the Wedding that is being held in the plaza? a wedding is going on while one is falling apart
What does Daisy tell Tom in New York? That she never loved him
Mr. Nobody from nowhere make love to your _____ wife
What is Tom worried about? That he might actually lose Daisy to Gatsby
What does Tom kill Gatsby with? the truth
How old does Nick turn in New York and how is it significant? he turns 30; times almost up its time to grow up and start judging
Who is Michaelis? George and Myrtle’s neighbor
Where is Myrtle and why is she there? (Chapter 7) the attic, George locked her up there
Who got hit by a car? Myrtle
Who is driving Gatsby’s car? Daisy
Why didnt Daisy see Myrtle? Myrtle was waving her arms thinking that Tom was in the car not Gatsby
how fast was Myrtle driving? 56 mph
What does Tom say about Gatsby and his driving? “God damn coward didn’t even stop the car” (He though Gatsby was driving but really Daisy was)
Who is standing in the bushes outside of Daisy and Toms house? Gatsby
What is significant about Daisy flashing the lights? its a sign that Gatsby to come in and save her if Tom starts to beat her
Who wants to be the knight in shining armor? Gatsby
True or False: Daisy is for sure going to leave Tom when his back is turned. False, shes shallow and since Tom buys her expensive things shes going to stay with him
What does Tom finally crack? All of Gatsby’s lies
What does the Holy Grail quest compare to? The quest to win Daisy’s heart in the view of Gatsby
Why did Daisy marry Tom and not wait for Gatsby? She had to follow the status of pretty women back then, Tom had everything that she wanted to revolve her life around
“She wanted her life shaped now… _____, _____, and ______… close at hand” love, money and practicality
What is significant about Spring, Summer, and Autumn? Autumn= Life starts over again in the fall- things dying (Myrtle and Gatsby) Spring= New start new life new jobSummer= nothing but parties and love, the affair
What did Nick admire about Gatsby? That Gatsby was dedicated to a dream
“They’re a rotten ______, you’re worth the whole damn bunch put ______” crowd, together
What changed about Jordan and Nick? Nick didn’t like how careless she was and her carelessness attitude
Who is portrayed as God? The billboard, the eyes of T.J. Eckleburg are like the eyes of God, he sees all
Where did Tom and Daisy run away to? Europe
What happened when Gatsby was in the pool? George came and killed him
Who killed George Wilson? George killed himself after he shot Gatsby
What does Catherine tell about Myrtle? That Myrtle has never met or seen Gatsby
Who shows up at Gatsby’s Funeral? Owl Eyes, Nick, Gatsby’s dad, Servants
Whose Gatsby’s Father? Henry Gatz
What name does Gatsby’s father call him? Jimmy

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