The Great Gatsby Final Exam Study Guide

The novel’s narrator is Nick Carraway
The narrator says that his father emphasized the importance of Being nonjudgmental
After world war l, the narrator moves to New York
In college, Tom Buchanan played Football
In chapter 1, Daisy and Jordan both wear White
The narrator lives in West Egg
Tom and Daisy Buchanan live in East Egg
The narrator is learning the business of Bond Sales
George Wilson is the owner of a Gas Station
Where do the Wilson’s live The Valley of Ashes
The first name of the women Tom is having an affair with is Myrtle
What does Tom buy his mistress as a gift A puppy
Tom breaks his mistress’s Nose
Meyer Wolfsheim’s cufflinks are made out of Teeth
What does Gatsby look at over the water during the night A green light
What does Gatsby knock over in Nick’s house at tea time Clock
Where are Gatsby’s expensive shirts from England
Who plays the piano for Daisy and Gatsby at the end of Chapter 5 Ewing Klipspringer
Which chapter is a professional golfer Jordan
Who tells Nick about Daisy and Gatsby’s past relationship Jordan
Daisy’s family does not allow Gatsby to marry her because He was from a lower class
Gatsby tells Nick that Meyer Wolfsheim Fixed the 1919 world series
Where does Gatsby tell nick he is from San Francisco
What is Gatsby’s favorite saying ” old sport”
Owl eyes is fascinated by Gatsby’s collection of Books
What fascinates Nick about the billboard for Dr. Eckleburg His eyes
Who crashes his car in a ditch at the end of chapter 3 Owl Eyes
What is Gatsby’s real name and home state He is James Gatz from North Dakota
What did Dan Cody do for Gatsby He educated him about money and people who have it
What happens when Gatsby gets pulled over for speeding He gets off with a warning
What happens when Gatsby shows Daisy all his shirts She breaks down crying
At the end of chapter 3, what does Nick clam to be One of the most honest people he’s ever met
Where did Gatsby and Daisy meet for the first time Louisville
What is the name of Myrtle’s sister Catherine
How does Gatsby react when Nick introduces him to Tom Awkward
The story takes place in the summer of what year 1922
Where is the plaza hotel located New York City
What is extremely ironic in Tom’s statement of Gatsby, “i wonder where in the devil he met Daisy. By god, i may be old fashioned in my ideas but women run around too much these days to suit me. They meet all kinds of crazy fish”? Tom himself is ”running around’ with myrtle
What is Daisy’s opinion of Gatsby’s party, and how does it affect him She doesn’t like it he becomes depressed
Gatsby wants nothing less from Daisy than for her go to tom and say, ”i never loved you”, and leave him for Gatsby
How does Gatsby react to Nick’s statement about Daisy, ”i wouldn’t ask too much for her you can’t repeat the past he replies , ‘can’t i repeat the rest why of course you can
Why does Gatsby fire his servants in ch. 7 he is afraid they will gossip
What is the name of Daisy and Tom’s daughter pammy
Who stays up talking with Wilson the night Myrtle is killed michaelis
Who is driving the car that kills Myrtle daisy
What does Gatsby say Daisy voice is full of money
What is the color of Gatsby car in ch. 7 yellow
What does Tom tell Daisy about Gatsby that makes her scared he made his money illegally
Nick remembers it is his birthday in ch 7, how old is he 30
whom does Myrtle mistake Jordan for Daisy
Where does George say he and Myrtle are moving in ch. 7 west
Why does Gatsby stay outside the Buchanan’s house the night Myrtle is killed he is afraid tom will hurt daisy
Where do the characters decide to go in ch. 7 to the plaza hotel
Why does Wilson tell Tom that he and Myrtle are moving Wilson knows she is having an affair
What does Gatsby tell nick ab out his past he fell in love with her and lied about his finacial
What does Michaelis believe caused Myrtle to run into the streets she was running away from her abusive husband
Why did Myrtle run into the street she thought she saw tom in the yellow car and was running to him
Why does Wilson believe that Gatsby killed Myrtle tom tells him that the car is gastby’s
What does Wilson then do the next day he kills gatsby and then himself
How many years later does ch. 9 occur after the events of ch. 8 3
What happened between Nick and Jordan after Gatsby they broke up over the phone
Who attends Gatsby’s funeral nick owl eyes gatsby’s father
What reason does Meyer give for not attending the funeral he does not get mixed up with murdered men
Who calls Nick and asks Nick send him some tennis shoes he left at Gatsby house ewing klipringer
To what does Nick compare all of us at the end of the novel boats against a current
What is the name of the country home where the story is set Bly
Ch. 1, to what does the governess compare the house a ship
What is unique about the children’s appearance they are very beautiful
What is the name of the maid at the estate Mrs. grose
Who does Mrs. Grose tell the male ghost is quint
Where has flora been in Ch. 19 she has been to the lake
What do we learn about the boy’s school he is not allowed to go back
How does the governess vow to protect the children in ch. 6 she will watch over them all the time
Who does the governess believe the second apparition to be miss jessel
What is the ONE condition the children’s uncle gives the new governess before she takes the job don’t contact him for any reason
What type of literary work, defined as longer than a short story but shorter than a novel, is The Turn Of The Screw novella
What do we learn about the former servants in ch. 7 they had an illicit relationship
What are the names of the two children miles and flora
What is the children’s relationship with each other like they get along very well with each other
Where is the ghost the 2nd time the governess sees him on the staircase
Where does the governess see the ghost of Quint in ch. 9 on the front lawn
Where are the governess and the little girl the first time she senses someone watching them near the lake
Where does the governess find miles at the end of ch. 10 on the front lawn
In ch. 14 to what does the governess compare her job at Bly she is a jailer watching over prisoner
What does miles mean by people of his ”own sort” it is unclear what he means
Why does Mrs. Grose say flora has a fever in ch. 21 she is afraid of the governess
What term is defines as recurring literary and rhetorical devices, motifs or cliches in creative works trope
Who does the governess realize miles is afraid of in ch. 23 the governess
What does the governess ask miles at the end of ch. 23 she asks if miles stole the letter
In ch. 12, what does the Governess believe the ghost want to lure the children to their death
Where are the governess and miles during the final scene in the dining room
What does miles ask the governess about in ch. 14 when he can return to school
Whose face is the ”white face of damnation” peter quint face
What do the governess and miles agree to in regard to his education in ch. 17 he will go to a new school
What happens to miles at the end of the story he and flora visit their uncle in london
What literary term is defined as a hint or a warning of what is to happen in the future of the story movie novel etc foreshadowing
According to Mrs. Grose, what happened to the letter the governess sent to the children’s uncle miles stole it
Who wrote The Turn Of The Screw henry james
What Indian tribe does Chief Joseph lead nez perce
In what decade do the events of the film take place 1860-1870
General Oliver Howard fought in which war before the film begins civil war
The main events of the film occur in three (3) US states- name ONE (1) of them (example: Florida) Oregon Montana Washington
What is the destination of Chief Joseph and his people (where do they think they will be safe) canada
Why do the Indian warriors kill the men in the saloon near the beginning of the film revenge for killing one of their fathers
General Howard says he has only fought two great leaders in his life name ONE (1) of them General Robert E Lee and Chief Joseph
Describe the tone of Chief Joseph’s speech at the end of film mournful defeated
Describe the mood of Chief Joseph’s speech at the end of the film sad
Describe the relationship between Chief Joseph and his people like father to his people
How is General Howard similar to one of the two great leaders he has fought doesn’t give up he cares for his people and solider’s
What are the approximate dates for the beginning and end of Modernism 1910-1960
What man tried to combat the great depression with his ”New deal” (last name) FDR Roosevelt
What significant event happened in 1920 for women in the US suffrage- they got the right to vote
What man from the Harlem Renaissance wrote the poem you read called ”Dream Deferred” langston tughes
Which forefather of the Harlem Renaissance wrote The Souls Of Black Folk and confounded the NAACP W.E.B. DuBois
Which two wars are the ”bookends” for Modernism ww l ww ll
What movement is described as a literary artistic & intellectual movement that kindled anew black cultural identity Harlem Renassiance
What literary term is defined as ” an object that represents a different idea that gives the object a deeper meaning symbol
What literary term as ”a reference to a person place or thing which has historical literary or political significance allusion
What theme of the Harlem Renaissance refers to the ”difference in how blacks saw themselves and how whites viewed them two-ness

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