The Great Gatsby Crossword

Gatsby loves her Daisy
Tries to impress and rekindle a relationship with Daisy Gatsby
Few people attended Gatsby’s ___ Funeral
East or West ___ Egg
Wilson locked Myrtle in her ___ Room
___ of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg Eyes
Tom broke Myrtle’s ___ Nose
Mr. Gatz; Gatsby’s father Henry
Gatsby throws grand ones for entertainment Parties
Gatsby’s real name James
Tells Nick Gatsby is related to Kaiser Wilhelm Mckee
Home area of the narrator Midwest
You resemble the ___ of the man. Advertisement
Showed Gatsby how to live in the rich man’s world Cody
Gatsby had Jordan discuss this matter with Nick Luncheon
It took Gatsby three years to make money to buy this Mansion
Miss Baker; Daisy’s friend Jordan
Nick’s relationship to Daisy Cousin
Tom’s mistress Myrtle
Daisy and Tom are ___ people Careless
Ask to come to a party Invite
Color of the light on the dock Green
What Mrs. Wilson bought while out with Tom and Nick Dog
It was in the Hopalong Cassidy book Schedule
Myrtle’s husband George
Daisy’s husband Tom
So we beat on, ___ against the current… Boats
Myrtle’s sister Catherine
Author Fitzgerald
Gatsby wants Daisy to ___ Tom Divorce
Daisy runs into Myrtle with Gatsby’s ___ Car
Initials of Gatsby’s home state ND
Narrator; Gatsby’s neighbor Nick
Daisy’s little girl Pammy
Gatsby told Nick he was educated there Oxford
Valley of ___; industrial zone Ashes
Everything’s so confused, let’s all go to ___ Town
Her voice is full of ___ Money

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