The Great Gatsby Character List

Nick Carraway SalesmanFrom the MidwestYale graduateWorld War I VeteranLives in West EggGatsby’s Neighbor.
Daisy Buchanan Attractive but Shallow Young WomanNick’s CousinWife of Tom Buchanan.
Jordan Baker Daisy’s FriendProfessional GolferSlightly Shady Reputation
Sigourney Howard Jordan Baker’s Aunt
George Wilson MechanicOwns a Car Repair Shop
Chester and Lucille McGee Myrtle Wilson’s Friends
Dan Cody Gatsby’s Mentor in the Past
Gatsby’s Father Henry C. Gatz
Jay Gatsby Young MillionaireBootleggerFrom North DakotaHas Shady Business ConnectionsObsessed with Daisy Fay Buchanan
Tom Buchanan MillionaireLives in East EggDaisy’s HusbandWent to YaleWhite Supremacist
Myrtle Wilson George Wilson’s Unstable WifeTom Buchanan’s Mistress
Catherine Myrtle’s Sister
Meyer Wolfsheim JewishGatsby says that Wolfsheim Fixed the World Series
Ella Kaye Messed Up Dan Cody’s Inheritance

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