The Great Gatsby: Chapters 8-9 Questions

What does Nick suggest that Gatsby “go away” for a while? they will trace his car
Instead of freaking out about the night before, Gatsby tells Nick the story of how he and Daisy fell in love. Why did she choose Tom? she wanted her life to begin now and Tom was ther
What compliment does Nick give Gatsby as he’s leaving for town? that Gatsby is worth more than Tom, Daisy, East Egg and all the people at the parties
What does George Wilson really believe happened to his wife? she was murdered
When Wilson reflects on his last confrontation with Myrtle, he refers to the billboard of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg. What does the billboard represent? Why is this an appropriate symbol? God’s eyes; God sees all and knows all
When Nick and Gatsby’s servant arrive at the pool, what do they find there? What can we assume happened there? – Gatsby’s dead body along with Wilson’s – Wilson shot Gatsby and then shot himself
When Nick tries to call Tom and Daisy, what does he discover? they’ve left town
Why is it important to Nick to “get somebody for Gatsby” (172)? – there’s nobody for Gatsby- Gatsby was completely alone
Who is the only person who comes to the house after Gatsby’s death? Gatsby’s father, Henry C. Gatz
It is interesting that Nick tells Mr. Gatz that he and Gatsby were “close friends” (176) when he had previously stated that he “disliked him so much” (151). Why do you think he says this to Gatsby’s father? to give his father comfort, it would have been unnecessary to tell Mr. Gatz that Gatsby had no real friends
At the graveyard “Owl Eyes” remarks that “My God! [People used to go [to Gatsby’s house] by the hundreds” (183). What does that statement tell us about those people? they were just there for the party
When Nick runs into Tom on the street, he learns the real story of what happened the day Gatsby was killed. What role did Tom play in everything? Tom told Wilson that the yellow car belonged to Gatsby so Wilson went after Gatsby
Why does Fitzgerald end Nick’s narrative with the green light? What did it represent to Gatsby?
In light of this symbolism o the green light, why did Fitzgerald title his novel The Great Gatsby?

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