The Great Gatsby: Chapters 7 Questions

According to Gatsby, why did he hire all new servants? so they wouldn’t gossip
At the Buchanan’s home, why does Gatsby stare at their daughter with surprise? Gatsby didn’t believe that Daisy’s daughter actually existed
Describe Daisy’s behavior toward Gatsby at lunch, even with her husband in the room. – when Tom leaves the room, Daisy kisses Gatsby
When Tom, Nick and Jordan stop at the gas station to fill up Gatsby’s car, George Wilson is sick. Why is he so sick? because Myrtle is having an affair and has another life
When they all go to hang out at the Plaza Hotel, the tension between Tom and Gatsby is intense. Who finally brings up Daisy? What does he say? – Tom- Gatsby is trying to steal Daisy
What does Gatsby tell Tom about Daisy? Daisy doesn’t love Tom and she only married him because of the money
What is Daisy’s reaction to Gatsby’s revelation? she did love Tom at one point, but she loved Gatsby too
In the heat of their argument, Tom makes some terrible allegations about Gatsby’s income. We don’t know if they’re true, but how does that change Daisy’s resolution to leave her husband? Daisy loses all her courage to leave her husband when she found out how Gatsby made his money
What happens to Myrtle Wilson when her husband finally unlocks her door? she gets hit by a car
Who was driving the yellow car? Daisy
How does Nick know that Tom won’t try to harm Daisy that night? Tom is thinking about Myrtle
When Nick sees Tom and Daisy at their kitchen table, what do they appear to be doing? talking; they seem to have an intimacy between them
Is Tom a hypocrite for reaction the way he did about Daisy and Gatsby? Why or why not? yes; he had already been breaking up their family sense the beginning of their marriage

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