The Great Gatsby chapters 7-9

Why does Gatsby stop giving parties? Gatsby wants to be alone with Daisy. This is what he has always wanted
When does Tom first realize that Daisy loves Gatsby? They discuss going into town and Tom notices the passionate gaze Gatsby gives towards his wife. Things really fall apart when Tom receives confirmation of his suspicions.
Why is Myrtle Wilson upset when she sees Tom and Jordan? While Jordan and Tom stop for gas at the Wilson’s gas store, Myrtle mistakes Jordan for Daisy. Myrtle was notoriously jealous of Daisy.
Why does George Wilson lock Myrtle in the bedroom? Wilson has clued into the fact that his Myrtle is having an fair. This is why he locks her in the room. George plans on letting her out in a few days and leaving with her.
What did Wilson find that made him think Daisy was having an affair? A dog leash on her dresser
How does Gatsby characterize Daisy’s voice? What do you think he means by this? Gatsby says that Daisy’s voice is full of money because Daisy has always lived a life of privilege, and always will.
Why does Gatsby lose Daisy during the confrontation between Gatsby and Tom at the Plaza? Tom fills Daisy in about how Gatsby got his money through shady crime deals. Daisy seems to lose interest in Gatsby.
Why does Tom insist that Daisy go home with Gatsby? What do you think this tells us about Tom’s character and his relationship with Daisy? To rub both their noses in this humiliation, Tom tells Daisy to return with Gatsby.Tom obviously doesn’t love Daisy like he should or he wouldn’t do this. (He also wouldn’t cheat on her.)
What indications are there are the end of the chapter that Tom and Daisy are going to stay together despite his philandering and her love for Gatsby? The filthy rich didn’t get divorces. Daisy is a very sad character. She is used to the bullying from Tom and expects it in her life. She doesn’t know how to handle a loving relationship. Gatsby is also rather desperate for Daisy the illusion.
At the end of the chapter, Gatsby is standing alone, looking out at Daisy’s house. Where else in the novel does he do this? How is this different? The scene is reminiscent of the first time Nick saw Gatsby. Gatsby is staring over the water towards the green light, that we later find out is on Daisy’s dock.
What does Gatsby tell Nick the night of the accident? Why? Gatsby, in his misery, tells Nick the story of his first meeting with Daisy.
Did Gatsby want to go to Oxford? No, he really wanted to go back to Daisy. He was sent to Oxford by some clerical error.
How does George Wilson spend the night after the accident? begin with George, “rocked himself back and forth on the couch inside.” After a suitable period of emotional meltdown George begins to figure out how he can hunt down the car. George begins to plot revenge
What would you say is the principal reason for Daisy’s appeal to Gatsby? Aside from Daisy being attractive I would say that Gatsby is in love with the idea of Daisy rather than Daisy herself.
How is Nick’s attitude toward Gatsby ambivalent even at the moment when he says goodbye to him? Gatsby is lost in his fantasy. He is lost in the illusion that Daisy will come back to him and they will live a meaningful life.
What do the eyes of Dr. T. J. Eckleburg symbolize to George Wilson? What is significant about this symbol? Many critics suggest that the eyes symbolize God looking over a sinful land
How do you think Wilson got Gatsby’s name? Does any evidence in this chapter point to a particular person? Wilson Gets Gatsby’s name from Tom. In Chapter nine, Nick meets up with Tom. Tom says that he told Wilson that the car belonged to Gatsby.Tom claims that if he had not, Wilson would have killed him on the spot.
How does Nick characterize Gatsby’s state of mind before he is killed? Gatsby is full of illusions about Daisy. He thinks she will be calling him. He refuses to leave even though Nick suggests that he go for his safety. Gatsby wants to stay and take care of Daisy; he is convinced that he will save her and they will live happily ever after.
What is the motive publicly given for Wilson’s murder of Gatsby? It is said that Wilson was a mad man and went crazy.
What does the telephone call from Chicago tell us about Gatsby’s business? The mysterious call tells us that Gatsby was involved with organized crime.
What does Klipspringer want from Nick? How does Nick react to this? He wants to pick up a pair of tennis shoes. Nick is pretty revolted by him and hangs up the phone
Why is Gatsby’s father so proud of him? His father is proud about how far his son had “made it” in life.
What does Tom confess to Nick when they meet that fall? Does he regret what he has done? Months later, Nick runs into Tom Buchanan on New York’s Fifth Avenue. Tom admits that it was he who sent Wilson to Gatsby’s; he shows no remorse, however, and says that Gatsby deserved to die
Nick says that “this has been a story of the West, after all.” What do you think he means by that? I think Nick means to contrast the decadence of the East with the real world of the West. Both he and Gatsby are midwesterners. They go to the East for different reasons but the East seems to corrupt and morally ravage all who enter.
How does Nick characterize Tom and Daisy at the end of the book? What has each of them “smashed” during the course of the novel? Nick characterizes them as vapid and self-indulgent. There is no substance to them. Both characters have destroyed even the illusion of real love, caring, compassion and humanity. They make Nick sick to his stomach
At the end of the book, Nick imagines what the continent must have been like when it was first seen by Dutch sailors. How does this contrast with the environment described in the novel? Both “Eggs” in their own ways become a symbol of greed, vapid desire and broken dreams. They are separated by the rotting grey Valley of Ashes. THere is no more hope in Long Island as the Dutch sailors might have once felt; now the lives of people on both sides are just as rotten as the valley.
What does the green light symbolize at the end of the novel? THe colour green is a significant symbol in this novel. We usually see green as growth, money, regeneration…For Gatsby, the green light is different, it makes him “tremble.” The green light reminds him of Daisy. She is an illusion of new beginnings, love, longing and desire
Discuss Nick Carraway’s character. How reliable is he as a narrator? What aspects of his character make him an effective narrator Nick carraway is made the narrator he is a reliable one he tells us that he reserves all his judgments therefore the reader is lead to believe what he is saying is coming from an 3rd person objective point of view. Nick’s history seems to be upper middle class and quite “normal” as opposed to the vapid elite of East Egg. Nick is a pretty credible character.
Why is first-person narrative an effective and appropriate way of telling this story? Nick is a pretty reliable narrator as narrators go. Nick tells us that he reserves all his judgments therefore the reader is lead to believe what he is saying is coming from an 3rd person objective point of view
Discuss the title of the book. In what way is Gatsby “great”? hus, the ironic meaning of the novel’s title can be derived through the analysis of the true greatness of Gatsby: a moral failure who is only a success in the eyes of other downfallen individuals of society.
Compare and contrast the character of Daisy and Myrtle Wilson Both Daisy and Myrtle are unhappy in their respective marriages. THey each seem to want a different guy (Daisy wants Gatsby and Myrtle wants Tom). Both are lovers of Tom. Daisy is the wife and Myrtle is the mistress. Daisy is wealthier while Myrtle lives in the desolate valley. Daisy is related to Nick while Myrtle is not.
Discuss the relationship between Nick and Jordan Baker. How does it reflect, if at all, on the story of Gatsby and Daisy? There are some similarities although Jordan and Nick are slightly less intense. Both Jordan and Daisy are self-centred opportunists. They seek the most “fun” they can get the quickest way possible. Both Gatsby and Nick and Tom merely facilitate their self indulgences.
Discuss Fitzgerald’s use of the automobile in this novel. What do you think might have made the automobile an appealing symbol to Fitzgerald in the early 1920s? Automobiles were a symbol of money. The middle class had them but the filthy rich used them as validation and a symbol of their garish success. THey were large opulent and the people used them irresponsibly.
Contrast the setting of the valley of ashes with that of East Egg and West Egg. The Valley of ashes lies between West Egg and New York. It is a desolate place where, “Ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens.” Everything about it is dry, grey and dirty. East Egg by contrast is full of green manicured lawns and palatial mansions. A fresh breeze blows in from the coast and nothing is out of place. West Egg is more middle class but still a much more acceptable place than the Valley.
Describe the gradual revelation of Gatsby’s character. What do we learn abouthim and when? Why is this an appropriate way of learning about him? Gatsby is something of an enigma for the beginning of the novel. It isn’t until Nick and Daisy fit into the scene that Gatsby’s character slowly comes out
Gatsby’s tragedy is that he chooses the wrong dream (Daisy). Has he beencorrupted by society? Or is his choice an indication that he is part of the corruption Gatsby simply buys into the corruption that most of the other characters do. The whole concept of the American Dream, money, Daisy, the parties was rotten before Gatsby decided that he wanted to be a part of it.

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