The Great Gatsby Chapters 5 and 6 Review Questions

What does Gatsby do to prepare to meet Daisy at Nick’s house? sends someone over to cut Nick’.s grass and sends flowers; provides refreshments
How does Gatsby behave when he sees Daisy again? very awkward and anxious; follows Nick out of the room…afraid to be in the room alone with her
How does Gatsby’s initial behavior around Daisy contrast to the title of the book? He is supposed to be the “Great Gatsy” but he is acting weak and insecure.
Why does Gatsby show Daisy all his shirts? to show her he has material wealth and to impress her
Why does Daisy cry when she sees all of Gatsby’s material wealth? She knows she made a mistake marrying Tom.
What is the author’s symbolism when he states “possibly it had occurred to him that the colossal significance of that light had now vanished forever””? At the beginning the green light represents something that Gatsby cannot get close to but wants desperately. The light is closer to Daisy than Gatsby is, so it represents his goal — something that he’s trying to reach. In Chapter 5, Gatsby is physically in the same room as Daisy, so the green light loses its significance for him.
Who is Klipsringer? Gatsby’s private piano player…a guest that never left a party.
Why does Gatsby have Klipspringer play for him and Daisy? to impress Daisy with a love song or to recreate their former love
When was the last time Daisy and Gatsby had seen each other? 5 years ago this November
What is the rain symbolic of in this chapter? washing away the past/sadness of losing each other. When the sun comes out, there seems to be more hope for them…is awkwardness is gone
Gatsby told Nick he made his money by …… owning drug stores and in the oil industry (he changed his story).
Who was Dan Cody? Rich employer changed Gatsby’s life forever, inspiring him to become rich and powerful?
How did Daisy feel about Gatsby’s party party? Felt the people there were “beneath” her
How is Gatsby blind when it comes to Daisy? He thinks she will automatically leave Tom for him.
How is Gatsby socially inept? He thinks invitations from people socially above him are sincere.
What does Gatsby want Daisy to do? Tell Tom she has never loved him. Erase the last 5 years of their separation like it never happened.
How is the comparison of Gatsby with Christ (“he was a son of God…and he must be about his Father’s business”) ironic? Gatsby is so far the complete opposite of what Christ was. Gatsby talks of vast, vulgar, and superficial beauty, of material possessions, and of wealth / status. Christ represented purity and innocence and was unconcerned with earthly possessions / money
Why does Tom feel superior to Gatsby? Gatsby is “new money” while he comes from well- established and inherited “old money”
What is Gatsby’s view of the past? Gatsby liked who he was with Daisy earlier in his life when they were together. He believes that getting Daisy, the goal he set out to attain so many years ago, would put his life back on track and make him complete.
Why does Gatsby not join the parties that he throws? He learned from Dan Cody how alcohol and fast women can ruin a man’s lifea. Cody was a partier whose weaknesses were women and booze.

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