The Great Gatsby Chapter Six

What was Gatsby’s legal name? James Gatz
On whose yacht does Gatsby work? Dan Cody
Why does Gatsby drink so little? Dan Cody was consistently drunk and Gatsby did not want to be like that?
Explain Gatsby’s “inheritance” from Dance Cody. He was supposed to get $25,000, but Ella Kaye blocked it and she got Dan Cody’s millions.
Who drops in at Gatsby’s house which causes some uncomfortable conversations? Tom Buchanan.
Why does Tom accompany Daisy to Gatsby’s party? He’s tired of her running around alone.
How does Daisy feel about Gatsby’s party? She does not enjoy herself, except for the half hour she spent alone with Gatsby.
What does Tom vow to find out about Gatsby? How Gatsby made his money. He thinks it’s by some illegal means.
What does Gatsby believe about the past? He thinks that he can repeat it.

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