The Great Gatsby Chapter Five

Gonnegtion, what is the purpose of spelling “connection” that way? gonnegtion is term used in the novel the great gatsby. meyer wolfsheim mistakenly takes nick for a criminal and asks if he is looking for a gonnegtion. the word is a misspelling of the word “connection” in order to emphasize mr. wolfsheim’s pr*nunciation. many people have been thrown by the word, and have scrambled to dictionaries in hopes of getting a definition.”i understand you are looking for a business gonnegtion”
When Nick arrives, who is waiting like an impatient child? Mr. Jay Gatsby
What does Gatsby offer Nick? An opportunity to make money on the side
What is Gatsby worried about? He’s worried Daisy isn’t coming
When Daisy arrives, how does Gatsby feel? Happy
Nick leaves to leave Mr. Gatsby and Daisy alone, does he come back? Yes
Nick leaves and comes back again and what is going on? Daisy is crying
Gatsby says it took him 3 years and then gets defensive when he’s questioned and gets defensive, who questions him? Nick
Why does Gatsby have all of this fancy stuff? To impress Daisy
What song does Klipspring play on the piano? The Love Nest
Does Nick leave after Klipspring plays the song on the piano? Yes

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