The Great Gatsby Chapter 9 Quiz

a What word best describes Mr. Gatz’s feelings about his son?a. proudb. resentfulc. devastatedd. bewildered
c What did Catherine tell the coroner about her sister’s affair?a. it had recently startedb. it was with Gatsby rather than Tomc. she hadn’t had an affaird. the affair was over at the time of the accident
a Did Nick consider Gatsby a friend?a. yesb. no
c Where did Tom and Daisy Buchanan go?a. Chicagob. Gatsby’s funeralc. we don’t knowd. France
b Mr. Gatz shows Nick a book that belonged to James (Gatsby) as a child. What did James Gatz’s notes in his book indicate about him?a. he was ashamed of his family and upbringingb. he had goals for himself and was willing to work for themc. he intended to move away and create a better life for himselfd. his family was struggling financially, and he wanted to help
b How does George Wilson find his way to Gatsby?a. the police identify Gatsby’s carb. Tom tells him where to find the driver who killed Myrtlec. he spots the yellow car from the streetd. a witness recognizes Gatsby
a Who did NOT attend Gatsby’s funeral?a. Wolfsheimb. “Owl Eyes”c. Gatsby’s fatherd. Nick
c What did Klipspringer call Gatsby’s house for?a. funeral detailsb. to express his condolencesc. a pair of shoesd. his piano
c What surprises the “owl-eyed” man at the funeral?a. that Gatsby’s father arrivedb. that the funeral is not followed by a partyc. that none of Gatsby’s party guests are in attendanced. that it is held so long after Gatsby’s death
b How does Nick react to Klipspringer’s phone call?a. he asks Klipspringer to bring along other people to the partyb. he hangs up on himc. he tells him not to come to the funerald. he accuses Klipspringer of killing Gatsby

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