The Great Gatsby chapter 9

Why does Nick feel he’s responsible for Gatsby’s funeral? Nick feels he’s the only one that truly knew Gatsby, plus no one else is willing to organize the funeral.
Gatsby’s funeral Writing two years after Gatsby’s death, Nick describes the events that surrounded the funeral.
Henry Gatz Gatsby’s dadGatsby’s father is proud of his son, and thought he would be a great man.
Klipspringer (The Boarder) and Wolfsheim don’t attend the funeral -Klipsgringer (the boarder) couldn’t attend Gatsby’s funeral because he was going to a picnic in Connecticut. -Wolfsheim didn’t go because he didn’t want to get involved.
Who attends the funeral? Owl eyes is the only other person besides Nick and Gatsby’s dad who attended the funeral
Why are Tom and Daisy careless in Nick’s eyes? Daisy and Tom didn’t take responsibility for the deaths of Myrtle, Gatsby, and George.
What is Gatsby’s dreams? Gatsby’s dream was the American Dream- to become wealthy, successful, and have a loving wife.

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