The Great Gatsby Chapter 9

Who was in charge of Gatsby’s funeral and why? Nick takes charge so the state does not take over (Nick thinks Gatsby does not have family).
Why do Daisy and Tom leave? The are avoiding responsibility for the accident. They are careless people and neither one has changed.
What does the telephone call from Chicago reveal about Gatsby’s business? People are getting arrested; the business is falling apart
Why does Nick get angry with Klipspringer and hang up on him? Klipsrpinger wants his tennis shoes…shows K did not care about Gatsby – only using him like the others.
How does Henry Gatz hear about the funeral? What was ironic about Gatz’s visit? In a Chicago newspaper. None of Gatsby’s “friends” came around after his death, but his father (whom Gatsby had disowned) did.
Explain the reason why Mr. Gatz showed Nick Gatsby’s schedule from his youth? Showed that Gatsby was determined to make something of himself, be a good person, and live the American Dream. He did become a better person than those who belong to the upper class.
Why did the owl-eyed man come to the funeral? It showed that there was one person who respected Gatsby enough to show compassion and pity. He was able to see Gatsby for the good person he was.
Who told George that Gatsby had a yellow car? Explain the reason. Tom told George….Tom felt Gatsby deserved what was coming to him.
What does Nick see that makes him think the Buchanans and Jordan lead careless lives? All 3 are used to life watching out for them. They “smash everything” and leave others to clean up the mess while they escape with their money.
Why was Gatsby a “true gentleman”? He behaved in a conscientious manner and was true to himself. He treaed others with respect and dignity. (Tom was just the opposite).
What does the green light symbolize at the end of the story? The desire to reach the American Dream even when all odds are against you or seems hopeless. Many people end up poor and miserable.
Did Nick continue to see Jordan? No, she became engaged to another man.

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