The Great Gatsby Chapter 8 Symbols

The Green Light Gatsby’s hopes and dreams. (Daisy)
What was the climax of Chapter 8? Gatsby gets shot by George Wilson while he is in his pool.
Valley of Ashes Symbol for the poor and the other side of wealth.
T. J. Eckleberg Viewed as the eyes of god.
Colors Gold & Silver represent happiness and a rich life while grey is dull and poor.
Gatsby’s pink suit The suit stands out along the white stairs. Perhaps it is a symbol for how he is different than the ‘old money’. It could also be viewed as him trying to show off his wealth.
How long were George and Myrtle married? Twelve years.
How does Nick’s conversation with Jordan go when she calls? The call is ended abruptly after Nick tries to tell Jordan that he can’t meet with her that afternoon.
To who is the quote, “So he made the most of his time. He took what he could get, ravenously and unscrupulously” referring to? Jay Gatsby in his younger years with Daisy.
Why does Nick suggest that Gatsby should go away? Nick is worried that they’ll trace Gatsby’s car and that Gatsby will get in trouble for Myrtle’s death.

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