The Great Gatsby Chapter 8 Study Guide

Why didn’t Gatsby want to leave after the car accident? He wanted to stay and see what Daisy would do.
Why did Gatsby fall in love with Daisy? She was the first “nice” girl he ever met.
How long were Gatsby and Daisy in love before Gatsby was sent to war? One month
Where did Gatsby go after the war? Oxford
Why did Daisy fall in love with Tom? She was tired of waiting on Gatsby and “wanted her life shaped.” Tom came from a rich family and was decisive and confident.
What did Gatsby do after returning from Oxford? He travelled to Louisville and visited where he and Daisy went on dates.
What did the gardener tell Gatsby he was going to do? Drain the pool
Why did Gatsby tell the gardener to wait? He hadn’t used the pool all summer and he wanted to swim.
What does Nick reveal about his opinion of Gatsby after he says goodbye? He said he disapproved of Gatsby from beginning to end.
Why did Jordan call Nick at work? She left Daisy’s house and wanted to see him.

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