The Great Gatsby: Chapter 8

What kept Nick awake? The foghorn
What time does Nick hear Gatsby get home? Early dawn
Where does Nick suggest Gatsby lay low? Atlantic City or Montreal
What story does Gatsby tell Nick while they are smoking? The story of “Jay Gatsby’s” creation and his past with Dan Cody (told to the reader at the beginning of Chapter 6)
At this point, why does Gatsby tell everything to Nick? Gatsby is vulnerable. Tom’s hard malice got to him and shook him up; Gatsby and his confidence have shattered. It’s over.
What were the false pretenses that Gatsby had taken Daisy under? He gave her security- made her feeling like Gatsby could take care of her when really he couldn’t
Why is the young Gatsby drawn to Daisy? Because she’s beautiful, she’s the 1st “nice” girl he had known, he loves her house, how she lives, and the fact that men already loved her increased her worth. Like she was a prize or stock.
How did Gatsby fare in the war? Well; he was Captain before reaching the front, and then Major and command of the machine guns.
In what way is Gatsby’s uniform an “invisible cloak”? In an army officer’s uniform all men look socially equal. It makes him look like everybody else and nobody can tell if he’s rich or poor, including Daisy.
What does Gatsby say Daisy is? The first nice girl he met
What does Gatsby stop his servant from doing? Draining the pool
What compliment (the only one ever) does Nick give Gatsby? They’re a rotten crowd. You’re worth the whole damn bunch out together.
What was Gatsby waiting for? A call from Daisy and fro, Detroit
What woke Nick up in the office? A call from Jordan
What was with Catherine when she found out Myrtle was dead? She was drunk
What did Wilson find that Myrtle had bought earlier? A dog leash
What is Wilson starting to suspect happened to Myrtle? He thinks that she was murdered by whoever she was having an affair with
Who is the “God” that Wilson was referring to when he was arguing with Myrtle? The billboard of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg
When Wilson disappears for three hours, where do you guess he might have gone? He probably met with Tom who told him Gatsby owned the car that killed Myrtle and that he had the affair with her.
What happened to Gatsby at the end of the chapter? Where was he? He was murdered by Wilson; in the swimming pool

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