The Great Gatsby Chapter 8

What does Nick tell Gatsy he needs to do? Why? He needs to leave because his car can be traced, and he could be blamed for the hit and run, even though Daisy was driving
Why does Gatsby not want to leave Daisy after the accident? Because he loves her, he wants to protect her from Tom. He is still hoping they have a future together.
Gatsby was not truthful with Daisy when they first met. Explain. They met when Gatsby was in the army. He led her to believe he was from the upper class, even though he was poor.
Why did Daisy not wait for Gatsby? She met Tom as she continued to date. They were engaged and then married.
Why did Gatsby return to Louisville with the last of his army pay? He wanted to relive the moment he met Daisy and their romance, even though Daisy was married to Tom. Hope was still alive in him.
According to Nick, what made Gatsby “worth the whole damn bunch put together?” He thinks Gatsby has more integrity than Daisy, Tom, or Jordan, even though he earned his money illegally. Nick was glad he told Gatsby that since it was the last time he saw him alive and Gatsby was pleased with Nick’s comment.
How does Wilson know Myrtle was having an affair? He finds an expensive dog collar and leash…they do not own a dog. Also she had come home from the city with a broken nose and black eye.
Explain what Nick meant when he said “the holocaust was complete”. Innocent people were now dead. A holocaust is great destruction of human life.
What was Gatsby’s state of mind after the accident? He was confused and frightened. He realizes he has to find a new dream.

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