The Great Gatsby Chapter 7 Study Guide

What is the name of daisy and tom’s daughter? Pammy Buchannan
In the beginning of chapter 7, Gatsby’s career as ___ was over. TrimalchioHe was a freedman who gained prestige and power through sheer tenacity and hard work. Once he attained his wealth, he enjoyed throwing lavish parties that were meant to impress his variety of guests.The comparison of Gatsby and Trimalchio is obvious. Both were newly rich, and trying to get the right attention. Fitzgerald’s early version of Gatsby was actually titled “Trimalchio in West Egg”.
Who told Nick that Gatsby replaced all his servants? “My Finn”
Why did Gatsby replace his servants? Didn’t want gossip about him. They wouldn’t go into west egg village and be bribed.
Gatsby’s servants were men that wee associated with? Meyer Wolfshiem
So the whole caravansary had fallen in like a card house at the disapproval in her eyes. If Daisy did not approve of it, everything would fall as a card house.
Jordan says life starts over again when it turns Fall
I’ve heard of making a garage out of a stable,’ ‘but I’m the first man who ever made a stable out of a garage.’ Tom to Gatsby
Gatsby is called cool by Daisy. Tom is often referred to as hot. .
“You resemble the advertisement of the man” Daisy says this. What does it mean? Daisy admits Gatsby’s facade has worked. He has managed to convince her completely that he belongs in the elite class she is. Apart of. She relates him to the people on billboards.
Daisy’s voice is full of Money
Gatsby suggests they take his car. Tom asks if it is a standard shift. Gatsby says yes. Tom takes Gatsby’s car with Nick and Jordan. Gatsby tries to stop him by saying there’s not much gas left in it. Gatsby and Daisy go in Tom’s coupe. .
And if it runs out I can stop at a drug store. You can buy anything at a drug store nowadays.’ Tom
“Come on Daisy I’ll take you in this circus wagon” Tom about Gatsby’s car.
Jordan suggests Tom went to a Medium about Daisy.
Why doesn’t Tom believe Gatsby is an Oxford man? He wears a pink suit.
Oxford New Mexico. Tom said this
Then as Doctor T. J. Eckleburg’s faded eyes came into sight down the road, I remembered Gatsby’s caution about gasoline. The eyes of judgement are ever watching over their journey through the valley of asked. Like the first time, they are watched again.
Tom doesn’t want to stop at the gas station. He says We’ve got enough to get us to town.
‘I didn’t mean to interrupt your lunch,’ he said. ‘But I need money pretty bad and I was wondering what you were going to do with your old car.”How do you like this one?’ inquired Tom. ‘I bought it last week.”It’s a nice yellow one,’ said Wilson, as he strained at the handle.’Like to buy it?”Big chance,’ Wilson smiled faintly. ‘No, but I could make some money on the other.”What do you want money for, all of a sudden?”I’ve been here too long. I want to get away. My wife and I want to go west.”Your wife does!’ exclaimed Tom, startled.’She’s been talking about it for ten years.’ He rested for a moment against the pump, shading his eyes. ‘And now she’s going whether she wants to or not. I’m going to get her away.’ .
Her expression was curiously familiar—it was an expression I had oten seen on women’s faces but on Myrtle Wilson’s face it seemed purposeless and inexplicable until I realized that her eyes, wide with jealous terror, were ixed not on Tom, but on Jordan Baker, whom she took to be his wife. Myrtle was peering in the window. She didn’t realize that she could be seen.
Instinct made him step on the accelerator with the double purpose of overtaking Daisy and leaving Wilson behind, and we sped along toward Astoria at ity miles an hour, until, among the spidery girders of the elevated, we came in sight of the easygoing blue coupé. Symbolic
Daisy signaled for the cars to stop and asked where they were going. Someone suggested the movies. She said it’s too hot. And they’ll catch up with them later. .
“I’ll be the man smoking two cigarettes.” Daisy
“Open another window” said by daisy Can be interpreted as she is hot or wanting freedom as she feels trapped in the room with Tom and Gatsby
The telephone book slipped from its nail and splashed to the floor Like the clock. Back then, Gatsby was clinging to time gone by, at the start of his second life with Daisy. This time it’s not a clock, but it marks the beginning of the end of Gatsby’s relationship with Daisy.
Who makes fun of Gatsby’s expression old sport? Tom
What song plays in the hotel? Mendelssohn’s wedding march
Daisy was married in the middle of June. A hot month. In Louisville. .
Who fainted at daisy’s wedding? “Blocks” Biloxi. He made boxes. And he was from Biloxi, Tennessee. His cousin was bill Biloxi from Memphis. Nick knew him.
Biloxi stayed three weeks at Jordan’s house. When he left, the next day Jordan’s dad died. No connection.
Tom thought that Biloxi was a friend of Daisy. Daisy never saw him before. He told Tom he was raised in Louisville. Jordan sAid he was probably bumming his way home. He told Jordan he was the president of your class At Yale. .
Yale can also be called New haven
Why isn’t Gatsby really an Oxford man ? (What Gatsby says) He went to Oxford in 1919. Only stayed five months. It was an opportunity given to some of the officers after the Armistice. We could go to any of the universities in England or France.
Tom asks Gatsby one last question “What kind of a row are you trying to cause in my house anyhow?”
Tom calls Gatsby Mr. Nobody from Nowhere. He also says that next they’ll have intermarriage between black and white he is very racist. .
Nick is inclined to reserve all judgements but he calls Tom’s words impassioned gibberish. .
Tom feels threatened by new money. In the modern world. .
“I know I’m not very popular. I don’t give big parties. I suppose touve got to make your house into a pigsty in Oder to have any friends–in the modern world. Tom
Hottest day of the year. It’s like the climax of the story!!! .
Gatsby tells Tom “Your wife doesn’t love you, she’s never loved you. She loves me”
“She never loved you, do you hear?” Gatsby cried. “She only married you because I was poor and she was tired of waiting for me. It was a terrible mistake, but in her heart she never loved any one except me!’ Gatsby
Tom cheated on Daisy in Chicago too. And in other places. .
Kapiolani. The place where Tom and Daisy went. Tom asks if Daisy loved him there.
The day I carried you down from the punch bowl to keep your shoes dry. Another place Tom asks if Daisy loved him there
Daisy threw the cigarette and the burning match on the carpet. .
Tom calls Gatsby a common swindler who’d have to steal the ring he put on her finger. .
‘I found out what your ‘drug stores’ were.’ He turned to us and spoke rapidly. ‘He and this Wolfshiem bought up a lot of side-street drug stores here and in Chicago and sold grain alcohol over the counter. hat’s one of his little stunts. I picked him for a bootlegger the irst time I saw him and I wasn’t far wrong.”What about it?’ said Gatsby politely. ‘I guess your friend Walter Chase wasn’t too proud to come in on it.”And you let him in the lurch, didn’t you? You let him go to jail for a month over in New Jersey. God! You ought to hear Walter on the subject of YOU.”He came to us dead broke. He was very glad to pick up some money, old sport.”Don’t you call me ‘old sport’!’ cried Tom. Gatsby said nothing. ‘Walter could have you up on the betting laws too, but Wolfshiem scared him into shutting his mouth.’ .
Tom’s friend who was also associated in the drug business Walter chase
Walter could have you up on the betting laws too, but Wolfshiem scared him into shutting his mouth Tom about gatsby
Jordan balances an invisible but absorbing object on the tip of her chin. She does this in hectic situations to make her feel in control.
Daisy as Gatsby’s American Dream !!!! .
Daisy’s voice across the room can be compared to The green light across the bay. You can’t touch it, no longer tangible.
The green light at the end of the dock is a symbol for Daisy.
Today was whose birthday? Nick he was 30
Who was the principal witness at the inquest? The young greek Michaelis
George Wilson locked Myrtle up until the day after tomorrow and then planned to move away. He found out she was cheating on him.
Myrtle: “beat me! Throw me down and beat me, you dirty little coward” to george .
The “death car” LIGT GREEN. like green light. But now it’s tainted and damaged after hitting Myrtle. His dream, green light symbolizing Daisy, is over.
The car wavered tragically for a moment and then disappeared around the bend .
Left breast. Left is heart. Heart is broken 🙁 Myrtle wilson
“wreck” says Tom. That’s good. Wilson’ll have a little business at last. Very ironic .
The death car was Gatsby’s rolls-royce
Yellow Corruption and rcklessness of the rich
Why didn’t Nick go in Tom’s house? He had enough of them for one day, including Jordan.
What concerns Nick about Gatsby house? What did Nick assume was wrong? Gatsby hadn’t hosted party one Saturday night; that Gatsby was sick
What other strange thing does Gatsby do? What is his explanation? He fires all his servants and hires new ones, who don’t do a great job; it is a favor for Wolfsheim
What is noticeable about the day that Daisy has everyone over to her house? It is extremely hot
How is the behavior of the characters linked to the hottest day of the summer? Well it’s really hot and the heat makes the characters uncomfortable and more irritable, so it’s really tense between Tom, Gatsby, and Daisy.
Who is on the phone with Tom when Nick arrives to their house? Myrtle
Who visits the group in the living room while Tom is getting drinks? Daisy’s daughter
What color is everyone wearing? White
Who does Daisy’s daughter look like? Daisy
What does Gatsby understand about Daisy’s voice that Nick does not? He understand that her voice is full of money; it’s part of her East Egg spacey aura.
What does Daisy suggest they do after they eat lunch? That they all go into town
When does Tom realize that Gatsby and Daisy are in love? Daisy tells Gatsby that he always looks cool
Who drives in each car into town? Tom drives Gatsby’s car with Nick and Jordan and Gatsby drives Tom’s coupe with Daisy
What kind of suit does Gatsby wear? A pink suit
What had Tom discovered about Gatsby? That Gatsby never went to Oxford, unless it was Oxford, New Mexico
Where do Tom, Nick and Jordan stop for gas? Wilson’s garage
What is wrong with Wilson? Why does he need money all of the sudden? Wilson is sick; he and his wife want to move out West (he is suspecting his wife of having an affair but he doesn’t think that it’s Tom)
Who is Myrtle jealous of? Jordan (she mistakes her for Tom’s wife)
Besides Myrtle’s what other eyes “kept their vigil”? Doctor T.J. Eckleburg’s eyes
What do they all do once they get to town? The head over to the Plaza hotel and Daisy suggests that they hire five bathrooms to take cold baths, or at least a place to have a mint julep, and while everyone things that it is a “crazy idea”, they end up renting a room anyway
What is happening in the ballroom a floor below the room? a wedding
Who was the uninvited guest that Daisy and Tom had at their wedding and who fainted? Biloxi
What does Tom first question Gatsby about while they are fixing mint juleps? What is his second question? He confronts Gatsby about not being an Oxford man; he asks what Gatsby means by causing trouble in his house
As always, there is a grain of truth in what Gatsby says. In what sense is he an Oxford man? He went to Oxford for 5 months because when he was in the military the officers were given the opportunity to go to any university in England or France.
What does Gatsby say in retaliation to Tom’s confrontation? That Daisy never loved Tom and that she always loved Gatsby- then continues to spill everything about Daisy and his relationship
What does Daisy confess? How does she take back what she said? That she never loved Tom; then she says that she loved both of them a different times
Why is it important to Gatsby that Daisy say she never loved Tom, only him? Because Gatsby wants to erase the past and pretend Daisy never wanted Tom so they can get married and move on.
What other discover does Tom say that he made about Gatsby relations with Woflsheim? That their drug stores sold grain alcohol over the counter (that Gatsby was a bootlegger)
What is Daisy’s reaction to this news? She stares terrified between Gatsby and her husband and she starts to withdraw into herself. She’s never seen this side of Gatsby before and it scares her.
Does Gatsby attempt to defend his name to Daisy do any good? No
Who leaves early in Gatsby’s car? Daisy and Gatsby
What odd realization does Nick make after Daisy and Gatsby leave? that it was his birthday; he has turned 30
How does Fitzgerald prepare the reader for what is about to happen? What words are used? What figure of speech is employed? He is very subtle about it but he drops references about death in the chapter. When they leave the hotel to go home he says “the couple left like ghosts” and Nick says “we drove on towards death,” “isolated like ghosts,” “the formidable stroke of thirty died away.”
Who visits Wilson in his garage to check on him? What is the racket upstairs? Michaelis; Wilson has Myrtle locked upstairs
What happens to Myrtle after she makes it downstairs and argues with Wilson? She walks out into the street and is hit with a car, the car didn’t even stop
What type of car does Wilson say hit his wife? the car that Tom had been driving early, Gatsby’s car
Why does Tom make the point to Wilson that he just drove the coupe from New York and the yellow car is not his? Because he’s afraid that Wilson will remember that Tom was in the yellow car earlier and think that he killed Myrtle. He wants to make sure Wilson doesn’t suspect him or think he did it.
What indication is there that Tom really is fond of Myrtle? He cries over her death.
Why does Nick not wait for the taxi inside the Buchanan’s house? Because he’s sick and tired of all of them. He’s had enough of their drama. He’s disgusted with all of them, even Jordan.
What was Gatsby doing hiding in the bushes? He was waiting for Daisy to turn the light off in her room, their signal that she was asleep and safe.
Who was driving Gatsby’s car when it hit Myrtle? Daisy- but Gatsby says that he will cover for her
What is the scene that Nick observes taking place between Tom and Daisy in the kitchen? They’re sitting opposite each other and Tom has his hand over hers. He is talking very intently with Daisy nodding. They aren’t happy or unhappy. It seems like they’re very close almost plotting, trying to set their story straight.
Why does this scene suggest ill for Gatsby? Tom and Daisy are getting closer, and the closer they get the more Gatsby gets bumped out of the picture.

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