The Great Gatsby: Chapter 7 (handouts)

Why does Gatsby stop giving parties? He wants to spend as much time as possible with Daisy. He had the parties hoping she would somehow show up, but now they are together so he no longer needs to search for her.
When does Tom first realize that Daisy loves Gatsby? Gatsby help Daisy light her cigarette after she has trouble with the lighter and Daisy says, “You’ve always been so cool.”
Why is Myrtle Wilson upset when she sees Tom and Jordan? She mistakes Jordan Baker for Tom’s wife, Daisy.
Why does Gatsby view Daisy’s child with surprise? To him the past five years have not existed, and he is determined that for Daisy they have not existed either; yet her child is tangible proof that they did.
Why does Gatsby object to letting Tom drive his car? He wants to ride with Daisy and he no longer cares what Tom thinks.
What ironic situation is occurring on the drive to town? Tom finds out Myrtle is moving away with her husband and Daisy is in love with Gatsby. He’s losing both is mistress and wife in the same day. Tom also ends up riding with Nick and Jordan, instead of Daisy.
What is the significance of “blocks” Biloxi? He stayed at Daisy’s house after fainting at her wedding but the day after he was forced to leave Daisy’s father died. He also claimed to have gone to Oxford with Gatsby and Nick but neither men knew who he was.
Why is Nick pleased with Gatsby’s honesty about Oxford? Gatsby went to Oxford only because he was in the army. Nick thinks that this makes Gatsby a more noble man.
What has increased Tom’s hatred of Gatsby? He begins to realize more and more how in love with Daisy Gatsby really is. He also believes that Gatsby is fake money.
Why does Tom refer to the liaison between Daisy and Gatsby in terms of intermarriage? He says that Gatsby and Daisy couldn’t possibly made for each other if they are both from different social classes. (Daisy is from old money)
Why does Tom’s defense of family life amuse Nick? Tom is talking about how someone shouldn’t try to mess up someone else’s family but he is literally cheating on his own wife.
What is the significance of Nick’s thirtieth birthday? Thirty year olds are usually considered settled down and so mature, but he believes that this is just a year of loneliness and thinning hair.
Why does Tom insist that Daisy go home with Gatsby? He already knows that they are in love with each other so he wants to prove to everyone that he is unintimidated by Gatsby.
Why does Nick change his feelings toward Jordan? He suddenly sees her as someone who is just like the Buchanans: uncaring. His whole perspective on life is changing in general.
What is Nick’s attitude toward Gatsby? Nick can not believe that Gatsby would take all of the blame from Daisy killing Myrtle. He is horrified that Gatsby would do something this bold for Daisy when Daisy still picks Tom.
Why are Tom and Daisy reconciled? Both are in a lower place than before. Myrtle has died and Daisy is the one who killed her. Even if Tom doesn’t know that Daisy killed his mistress, they are still each other’s comfort, no matter how bad their relationship may get.
Who is Trimalchio? Explain how this describes Gatsby. Trimalchio a character in Satyricon, by Petronius. He came from an extremely poor background and gained prestige through his hard work. Once he attained his wealth, he enjoyed throwing lavish parties that were meant to impress his variety of guests. Trimalchio is almost exactly like Gatsby. Both were newly rich, and trying to get attention.
Describe Daisy and Gatsby’s new relationship. The relationship has begun to really fall apart. Gatsby still believes that Daisy will choose him, but Daisy will always pick what she knows, and that’s Tom.
Compare George Wilson and Tom. What did each man learn about his wife and how did they each react? When Tom found out of Daisy’s affair with Gatsby, he found as much dirt on Gatsby as he could and called him out on it in front of Daisy. This led to Daisy thinking Gatsby was unworthy and made her not want to see him again. Wilson has no idea that his wife is having an affair with another man until way too late. Wilson mad himself physically sick when he found out about Myrtle’s affair. Tom was just angry.
If Daisy says she’s never loved Tom, is there someone whom she thinks she loves? She loved Gatsby once before and now she loves him again. If she says she never loved Tom, she will choose Gatsby because she would feel like she had to.
Describe the fight between Gatsby and Tom. What do these men think of each other? How are they similar and how are they different? During the fight, Tom gets mad when Gatsby calls him “old sport” and explodes, revealing Gatsby’s source of wealth. Gatsby almost demands that Daisy renounce any feelings of love that she ever had for Tom. Although Daisy does do this at first, she takes it back, saying that she can not truthfully say that she never loved Tom. Gatsby is jealous of Tom because he has everything Gatsby truly wants. Tom just hates Gatsby. They both have crazy wealth and both want to cause a scene.
What do you think Tom and Daisy were saying to each other in the kitchen? Do you think that Daisy told Tom that she was driving the “death car”? Why, why not? I think that Daisy told Tom that she was driving the car because at this time, Tom was the only person that Daisy thought she could talk to about anything, so she would have confided in him.

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