“The Great Gatsby” Chapter 7 Discussion Questions:

What is Gatsby no longer doing? Gatsby is no longer having parties.
With whom has Gatsby replaced his servants, and why? Gatsby has replaced his servants with associates of Meyer Wolfsheim, because Daisy didn’t want the other servants around. (i.e., to make Daisy happy)
Why have both Gatsby and Daisy telephoned Nick? They want Nick and Jordan to be at Daisy’s house when they tell Tom that she (Daisy) never loved him (Tom).
What time of year is it, and what is the weather like? It is August and it is very hot. Keep in min dthe fact that there was no air conditioning at this time.
Which of the major characters are present at the Buchanan residence? Tom, Daisy, Jordan, Nick, and Gatsby
When Tom leaves the room, what bold thing does Daisy do? Daisy kisses Gatsby on the lips and tells him that she loves him.
What does Gatsby struggle to believe exists? Gatsby struggles to believe that Daisy really has a daughter.
When Tom returns, what is he holding? Tom returns with 4 gin and rickeys.
What does Tom want Gatsby to see? Tom wants Gatsby to see his house.
Who suggests going to town (New York City), and why? Daisy suggest going to New York City because she is trying to avoid telling Tom that she is leaving him for Gatsby.
When Daisy tells Gatsby, “You always look so cool,” what does she really mean? Daisy is telling Gatsby that she loves him.
What does Tom insist upon? Tom insists upon going to town.
According to Gatsby, what is Daisy’s voice full of? Daisy’s voice is full of money according to Gatsby>
According to Tom, what can be bought at a drug store? Tom implies that anything can be bought at a drug store, including gas.
As they get ready to drive into New York City, what does Daisy refuse to do? Daisy refuses to drive with Tom in Gatsby’s car.
What does Daisy do on the driveway when she walks past Gatsby? Daisy grabs onto his coat jacket.
Who is driving Gatsby’s car, and who are the passengers? Who is driving Tom’s car, and who are the passengers? Tom is driving Gatsby’s car, the passengers are Tom, Nick and Jordan. Gatsby is driving Tom’s car, and the passenger is Daisy.
Who invited Gatsby to the Buchanan residence for lunch this day? Daisy invited Gatsby over for lunch this day.
When Tom stops for gas, what lie does he tell to George Wilson? Tom tells George Wilson that Gatsby’s car belongs to him. Tom wants George to believe that he bought the car for himself.
What color is Gatsby’s car? Gatsby’s car is yellow.
Why does George want to move away with his wife, Myrtle? George knows that his wife is having an affair with someone. (Tom)
What is making George Wilson “physically sick”? George Wilson is “physically sick” because he is having trouble believing in the fact that Myrtle is cheating on him (George).
What nice thing does Tom do for George Wilson? Tom finally says that he is going to sell the car to George.
From a window over the garage, what is Myrtle Wilson staring at so intently? Myrtle is staring at Jordan so intently. Myrtle is jealous because when she sees Jordan in the passenger seat of the car Tom is in, she makes assumptions that Jordan is “Daisy” Tom’s wife.
Where in the city does this little gathering take place? This little gathering takes place in a parlor of a suite in the Plaza Hotel, NYC.
When Tom tells Daisy that complaining about the heat only makes it worse, what does Gatsby say? Gatsby says to Tom “”Why not let her alone Old Sport?” remarked Gatsby. “You’re the one that wanted to come to town.””
What does Tom criticize about Gatsby? Tom criticizes Gatsby by asking, why he always says “Old Sport”.
Was Gatsby lying about attending Oxford University? Gatsby attended Oxford for five months and then he left.
A row (rhymes with now) is a noisy disturbance quarrel. According to Daisy, who is starting a row? According to Daisy Tom is causing a row.
Who is “Mr. Nobody from nowhere”? Gatsby is “Mr. Nobody from nowhere” according to Tom.
When Gatsby tells Tom that he has something to tell him, what does Daisy do? Daisy says she wants to go home.
Why does Tom call Gatsby crazy? Tom calls Gatsby crazy because he said that Daisy never loved Tom.
When Tom admits to his affairs but says that he still loves Daisy “all the time”, what does Daisy say in response? Daisy says that Tom is revolting.
What can Daisy not truthfully say? Daisy can not truthfully say that she never loved Tom.
What was Tom not “far wrong” about? That the drugstores Gatsby owned in Chicago were selling cheap alcohol. (bootlegging)
What has now gone from Daisy? All of Daisy’s courage has left her.
With whom does Daisy leave the hotel? Daisy leaves with Gatsby.
Why is this a “special” day for Nick? It is Nick’s 30th birthday.
Why is Jordan wiser than Daisy? She “was too wise ever to carry well-forgotten from age-to-age.” (Bottom of page 135)
Who expresses concern for George Wilson? The young Greek man, Michaelis, who runs the coffee joint near the gas station.
What has George Wilson done with Myrtle and why? George has Myrtle locked upstairs till the day after tomorrow when they move.
When Tom arrives at Wilson’s garage, what does he stare at in disbelief on the work table? Myrtle Wilson’s body wrapped up into two blankets.
What color was the car that hit and killed Myrtle, and what can we infer from this? The car that hit and killed Myrtle was yellow, and we can infer that Gatsby and Daisy were the ones who hit and killed Myrtle Wilson.
What does Tom quickly clarify about the car that killed Myrtle Wilson? That the yellow car that George saw him in was not his own. Tom tells George that he lied about owning the yellow car. Tom also tells Wilson that he has not seen the yellow car all afternoon.
Why was Tom sobbing the rest of the way home? Tom was sobbing because Gatsby killed Myrtle.
Why does Tom say that Gatsby is a coward? Tom says that Gatsby is a coward because he didn’t even stop the car, it was a hit and run.
What does Nick say when Tom and Jordan invite him to the Buchanan residence? Nick says that he would rather wait outside for the taxi to take him home.
Why did Myrtle run towards Gatsby’s yellow car? (inference) Myrtle ran towards Gatsby’s yellow car because she wanted to speak to Tom, thinking it was Tom’s car.
Who was driving Gatsby’s car? Daisy was driving Gatsby’s car when Myrtle was hit and killed.
What will Gatsby say about the incident? Gatsby will say that he was the one whom was driving and not Daisy. He wanted to protect her from any charges for hit and run.
Why is Gatsby going to wait all night long on the grounds of the Buchanan residence? Gatsby wants to make sure that Tom won’t try and hurt Daisy. He wants to be there in case Tom tries any “brutality” on Daisy.
When Nick peeks through the window at Tom and Daisy, what does he think they were doing? Nick thinks that Tom and Daisy were conspiring together.
What does Nick think Gatsby is truly watching over? Nick believes Gatsby is watching over nothing.

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