The Great Gatsby Chapter 7

What happens to Gatsby’s parties They stop happening
Why do Gatsby’s parties stop happening He has won Daisy there is no need and he wants no one in his business
What is the weather like in chapter 7 Sunny and hot
Why was Gatsby so unsettled when he sees the Buchanan child Because before than he didn’t believe in her existence
How does Gatsby explain Daisies voice Indiscreet full of money
Why is Myrtle Wilson upset when she sees Tom and Jordan She thinks Jordan is Daisy
Why does George Wilson lock Myrtle in the bedroom George suspects that Myrtle is having an affair
What does Gatsby tell Tom about Daisy Your wife doesn’t love you she never loved you. She loves me.
Why does Gatsby say was the reason Daisy married Tom Because Gatsby was poor and Daisy was tired of waiting for him
Why does Tom insist that Daisy go home with Gatsby He wants to shove it into Gatsby’s face that he won and that Gatsby can’t hurt him and he is also annoyed with Daisy
Who is Michaelis A Greek man who who runs the restaurant next to Wilsons garage
What does Tom insisting that Daisy go home with Gatsby tell us about his character He is cocky
What does tom insisting that Daisy go home with Gatsby tell us about there relationship He quits and realizes he cant swrew around and not expect her to do the same
What does Nick remember that makes this day significant for him personally It’s Nicks Birthday he is 30
What happens in the yellow car as it drives home from New York It ran Myrtle over and killed
Who is driving the yellow car Daisy but Gatsby will say he was driving they hid the car in Gatsby’s garage
What is the relationship between Daisy and Tom by the end of the chapter They didn’t talk they hated eachother but they weren’t happy or unhappy

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